Meet Our Elites

Professional Team

Leaders in sport, these women have proven themselves at the top of their fields on the national and international level. They are successful veterans and advocates of change within our sport, and inspire our mission..

kara goucher

Boulder, CO

lauren fleshman

Bend, OR

Allie Kieffer

Buffalo, NY

Haute Volée Team

A group of emerging elite women who have the goal of competing at the highest level of our sport. These women have Oiselle’s support combined with the commitment of each Volée member who contributes a portion of their annual membership to help support these women’s travel to competitive meets throughout the country.

megan clark

Chula Vista, CA

mel lawrence

Bend, OR

collier lawrence

Bend, OR

Malaina Payton

Santa Monica, CA

Kendra Chambers

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

andie cozzarelli

Raleigh, NC

megan rolland

Emmett, ID

Valarie Allman

Austin, TX

Jasmine Blocker

New Orleans, LA

Riley Cooks

Long Beach, CA

catherine watkins

Vancouver, BC

shaluinn fullove

Palo Alto, CA

Regina Lopez

Alhambra, CA

Sabrina Lopez

Alhambra, CA

alex wilson

Cedar Falls, IA

Bethany Drake

Bellevue, WA

becki spellman

Hilliard, OH

Rebecca Mehra

Bend, OR

sasha gollish

Toronto, Ontario

anna weber

Indianapolis, IN

lyndy davis

Portland, OR

maria michta-coffey

Farmingville, NY


We've discovered that sponsoring pro athletes is just one way we can "woman up" in this world. We also greatly admire women who, like us, use running and sport to inspire other pursuits. So it is with great pleasure that we feature Oiselle Muses: a group of women who inspire us with their fire, their character, and their dedication to creating positive change in the world. And perhaps most importantly, their willingness to be loud and proud with their stories - so we can all share, learn, grow. It is our honor to be affiliated with these women, beyond simply wearing Oiselle, you'll see us collaborating on blogs, projects, events, and more.

heather mcwhirter

Pacific Grove, CA

Charlotte Austin

Seattle, WA

Erin Taylor

London, England

How to apply for the Haute Volée

If you are interested in our Professional or Haute Volée team please email hautevol[email protected] with a running resume. Thank you for your interest in Oiselle!