The Volée is a global community of thousands of women with diverse backgrounds and different goals, connected by the common thread of running. Women join the Volée for many reasons: to be part of a running community, gain training inspiration, connect with a diverse group of strong & badass women, meet a local run buddy, support girls in sport, help elite athletes thrive in their athletic pursuits, expand their network, be part of a meaningful mission, engage in activism, and the list goes on!

Building Your Network
It can be challenging to make new friends in adulthood - especially friends from different backgrounds. When you join the Volée, you’ll connect through the Volée App with teammates near and far. Your local team is managed by local Volée Leaders in consultation with the Volée Leader Advisors. They host virtual and in-person events to help you join up with friends in your area. What better way to expand your running circle?

Use Sport For Good
The Volée is all about community. A community that comes together to improve the sport, lift each other up, and make a real difference. Since its inception, the Volée has helped us donate tens of thousands of sports bras to girls in need through Bras 4 Girls, a bra donation program we founded that’s now been launched as its own independent charity. We’ve volunteered countless hours for events and causes, and since 2020, through Women Run the Vote, have raised approximately $400K for charitable organizations. Giving back is a core team value!

Attend Special Volée Team Events

The Volée team loves to have fun. From epic cheer stations and Birdcamp dance parties, to local meet ups and low-key runs, when you’re part of the Volée team, you are invited to Volée events that just might become your favorite memories.

Enjoy the Perks
A $120 membership includes:

  • $40 Bird Buck$ that you can use towards ANY item at
  • Free economy shipping every time you make a purchase at
  • Access to Oiselle’s exclusive Volée Team App.
  • Sneak peek of seasonal product releases.
  • Early access to sale events throughout the year.
  • Registration preference and special member price to Birdcamp!
  • So much more!

Bras For Girls
Invest in the Future of Girls in Sport: A portion of your membership goes towards the Bras for Girls charity, a 501(c)3 founded by Oiselle and is now an independently run charity so more brands can join in and support girls in sports. Bras for Girls supports girls with education, product, and knowledge behind the importance of a sports bra - all with the hope that this information and experience will encourage them to stay active in sport. To date, we have donated more than 38,000 bras to girls in need, and are proud of having started this meaningful idea that began with a creative way to do something good with an inventory overstock, and to cheer its independence so we can continue supporting it with other brands who share in the mission of this charity. Learn more about Bras for Girls.

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