Littleton, CO (Metro Denver)







Indoor Mile

Indoor 3K

Road Mile

Road 5k

Half Marathon












Team USA 3k Steeple NACAC

US Outdoor Champs 3k Steeple, 7th place

2 x Olympic Trials Qualifier

3 x Penn Relay 3k Steeple Champion

2 x Melrose Games Distance Medley Relay Champions

2014 USATF Outdoor Championships 3k Steeple, Top 10

USATF Indoor Championships, 3k, 7th

USATF Championships, 15k, 9th

USATF Championships, Road 5k, 15th

2 x Champion USATF CO

1 Mile Road Championships

Paul Short Open 6k Champion

5 time DIII All American T&F

Where did you grow up? Is there anything about your girlhood you’d like to share with us?
I grew up in Christiansburg, Virginia and went to Roanoke College (Division III) in Salem, Virgina, about 35 mins down the road from my parents house. Both sides of my family still live in the area.

I grew up running around barefoot and playing in the creek with my neighborhood friends. I was always known as the Sporty Spice in my group because my older sister always took dibs on Scary Spice. I was very shy growing up, and used sports as a way to express myself and to bond with others.

A memory that stands out in my girlhood is racing my best friend off the bus to our babysitter's house to get the first player remote control for Mario Kart. I’d always win so she started to sit in the front seat to get a head start.

Another memory in my girlhood is starting a fake breakfast restaurant with my girlfriends in our driveway. We made menus and invited our neighbors to eat. People actually showed up and we made enough money to blow it on an extra large cheese pizza that night. We made the newspaper for our cute entrepreneurship but our parents made us shut it down because they were worried we’d get busted for health code violations.

I was one of the only black girls in my school growing up which was hard to navigate at a young age. I didn’t feel comfortable showing others my true self because I just wanted to blend in so my peers wouldn’t notice my difference. My parents never had a conversation with me about the discrimination I might face as a multi-racial girl living in Southwest Virginia, so I navigated it alone throughout my childhood. I wasn’t able to fully embrace my identity until my late 20s.

Q & A

Why do you run?
The reasons I run have changed overtime and will continue to change throughout my journey. Currently, I run because it’s a way for me to honor my body in it’s natural state. I admire that I am able to push my limits and hit my splits regardless of how my body looks. I also run to decompress after a long day of work. Lately I’ve been running easy days alone in the evenings and will rock out to my favorite songs as I reflect on the day and my goals ahead.

What was your favorite sport in middle school?

Can you share your first sports bra experience?
I started to ask my mom if I could wear sports bras after the iconic World Cup Final in 1999 when Brandi Chastain score the game winning goal and whipped off her shirt while kneeling on the ground exposing her black sports bra.

How has your relationship with running evolved over the years?
Ups and downs. It started as a way to stay in shape for soccer to a lifestyle. I had a rough patch for a few years after experiencing some injuries in 2017 and didn’t think I’d ever want to run again. When I found myself coming back, I realized that running is a part of my life and I want to do it for as long as possible in any capacity.

If you could give one piece of advice to a 12 year old girl, what would it be?

Tell us about your favorite place you have ever traveled to:
Barcelona, Spain- the nightlife, food and culture was amazing.

What’s your first memory of running and why do you think it has stuck with you?
My first memory of going on a run outside of playing sports or gym class was when my mom invited me and my older sister out to run around the block with her (about ¾ mile). She was on some health kick and needed company. I don’t remember her ever running since. I remember feeling like I could run forever while my mother and sister were hoffing and puffing. I started teasing them and literally ran circles around them. When we got back to the house, my mom raved to my dad about how well I did and I felt special.

When did you realize you liked running?
When I would beat the boys in the PE class mile. There is nothing more satisfying.

How did you get into running?

Running makes me feel__________ like a badass.

What’s a message you would share with a younger you?
Your dreams will come true if you just keep going despite the challenges.  

Describe the sights, sounds, smells of a memorable run
Cool and dewy morning air with a hint of warmth from the rising sun. Sounds of car doors closing and conversations in the background. Dirt roads packed tight and the smell of fresh mountain air.

What is your superpower?  

Sweet or savory?
Sweet in the morning, Savory during the day, and sweet at night. A sweet/savory sandwich

Travel necessities?

How do you spend your free time?

What do your rest days look like?
Lots of eating, napping cleaning, and walking the pup

Dream vacation?
Tour of Europe

Favorite sport (to play or watch!)?
Premier League- Liverpool

A skillset you wish you had (and could still develop!)?
Creative writing

Some favorite jams at the moment
Ice Spice- In Ha Mood

What song is most often stuck in your head?
Toms Diner

If you were a type of bird, what kind would you be and why (you can invent one)?
Cardinal- they are the state bird of Virginia