Racing Highlights:

  • Winner of 2023 The Lake Loop 5 mile (Pittsburgh, PA)
  • 5th place finish (2nd American) at 2023 Cooper Bridge run (Charleston, SC)
  • Winner of 2022 Nationwide Children’s Hospital Half Marathon (Columbus, OH)
  • Winner of 2022 Minster Oktoberfest 10k (Minster, OH)
  • 2nd place finish at 2022 Indianapolis Monumental Marathon (Indianapolis, IN)
  • 6th place finish at 2022 Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10 miler (Washington DC)
  • 6th place finish at 2022 USATF 25k Championships (Grand Rapids, MI)
  • 7th place finish at 2022 Grandmas Marathon (Duluth, MN)
  • 9th place finish at 2022 Houston Marathon (Houston, TX)
  • 2024 Olympic Trials Qualifier – Marathon
  • Winner of Columbus Half Marathon (Oct 2021)
  • 2nd place finish Trials of Miles Project 13.1 (Sept 2021)
  • 6th place finish ValleyOne Half Marathon (April 2021)
  • 3rd place finish at 2019 USATF 25k Championships (Grand Rapids, MI)
    2020 Olympic Trials Qualifier – Marathon

Passions/joys outside of running:
My Family! We have a dog, Cooper, and my husband (Eric) and I just celebrated our 6 year wedding anniversary. In addition, we have one nephew who is 2 years old and 3 more nephews coming this fall!! My husband and I love to travel and try to make time every year to go somewhere new!

Job(s) outside of running:
Senior Category Planner at Hawthorne Gardening Company (Supply Chain)

Q & A

Do you have a quote that guides, inspires, or embodies your training/racing/life?
The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.
-Nelson Mandela

I have had several injuries that have ended seasons, lined up for races with big goals only to fall short and have had health issues that have left me scared about the future. But, I know that life is never easy and that those low moments are what make the high moments even more special. So I keep trying and keep going to get the most out of myself.

What was your favorite sport in middle school?
In middle school I loved playing soccer. I started running over the summer at a local camp to get into shape for the season. Eventually, I joined the cross country and track team and never looked back!

Can you share your first sports bra experience?
I don’t remember a lot about my first sports bra experience, but I am the third girl in my family so I had older sisters to look up to. I played almost every sport growing up (Soccer, Softball, Volleyball, you name it!!). I think eventually playing sports and having gym class everyday my mom helped me pick out something that made me feel comfortable.

If you could give one piece of advice to a 12 year old girl, what would it be?
It is okay to dream big, it is okay to fail, it is okay to change directions, but it is never okay to give up. There will be times that you may feel like things are not going your way but if you keep working and let those who care for you help, you can achieve whatever you put your mind to.

Tell us about your favorite place you have ever traveled to:
I was fortunate to spend some time training in Flagstaff, AZ. I got to be there when the wildflowers bloomed and loved running on the dirt roads through the mountains. One of coolest things to me is that if you drive about an hour you are in Sedona and two hours you are in Phoenix. In Ohio, with a two hour drive, you get pretty much the same climate and landscape.  

What alternative career do you fantasize about?
Being an Event Planner. I love to organize, plan and be around people. I think it would be a lot of fun to help people put on an Event that they are really excited about!

What is your superpower?  
Resilience - I have been through a lot of injuries, setbacks and health scares but I have chosen to find the positive and it has helped shape who I am today. We can’t change the past, but we can make the most of the future!!

What led you to the marathon?
My husband was diagnosed with cancer just a few weeks after we got married. During his treatments, I leaned on running to help me cope with what we were going through as a family. Once he finished treatments, I set a goal to finish a marathon because I knew if he could get through cancer, I could run a marathon. Since then, I was hooked on the challenge.

Please share any thoughts/feelings you have about your Olympic Marathon Trials buildup and the Underbird team:
I am SO excited for the opportunity to join an amazing group who are searching to find their best!! I feel like I am still unraveling the puzzle of the marathon and am grateful that Oiselle found a team where we can all learn from one another and help each other get better! I am coming off an injury this past Spring, but my training has been going really well and I am looking forward to the opportunity to run a fast Marathon this October at the Toronto Waterfront Marathon. After the fall, the focus will be on training for the Trials in February :)

Random fact about you:
I was diagnosed with a Neurocytoma Brain Tumor in 2015 and have had 2 brain surgeries. One to remove the tumor and one emergency surgery due to complications following the first surgery. I have spent a lot of time in hospitals in my late 20s, also helping my husband beat testicular cancer. Through everything, I have learned that life is so short and we don’t get to choose what happens to us, but we do get to choose how we react. We are both happy & healthy and I am so grateful through everything that I have been able to use running to help me get through some of life’s toughest moments.

Why do you run?
I run because it is when I feel most like myself and most alive. I think there is something special about having time to yourself to think and choosing to do something that is difficult. I believe that living a full life consists of highs, lows and challenges and running continues to give me all of those moments.

How has your relationship with running evolved over the years?
I feel like I have had multiple lives as a runner. I started running when I was young to get into shape for soccer, and eventually joined the Cross Country and Track team. I left running in college to focus on health concerns, but quickly came back as I was able to as a way to help heal and get back into shape. Running then helped me cope with my husband's cancer diagnosis which ultimately taught me that we can do hard things. Since then, running competitively has become more of a focus and a bigger part of my life as I aim to achieve big goals. Through everything, running has been a staple of my life.

(sports bra, how do you put it on) front, back, or over?
Over!! I don't think there is any other better way!

What do your rest days look like?
I don’t have days completely off running very often, so I make sure that I take my recovery days easy!! I typically have shorter runs that I make sure I keep lowkey by running with my coach for a few miles or meeting up for miles with a friend. Favorite ways to recover are cuddling on the couch with my dog, grabbing coffee with friends, sitting in the sauna and eating at my favorite local restaurants with my husband. Spending time with people who make me smile lifts my spirits and helps to keep me motivated and excited to keep working hard.

Dream vacation:
I would LOVE to go to Switzerland and spend time in the Alps. Running, hiking, eating and relaxing. It looks stunning and I hope to get to visit one day!