We design apparel that honors the strength and athleticism of runners. This means sourcing fabrics that combine high performance, high design, and high comfort. Our library of materials include tried and true favorites that have been in Oiselle's line from the beginning, and an always evolving list of new fabrics and technologies designed to run, race, recover, and rumble.


(Polyester / Spandex)

Breeze Woven is the perfect lightweight and flowy fabric for styles that cross from run to rumble. A subtle grid pattern is beautiful in both solid colors and with our signature prints.


(Polyester / Spandex)

Double-sided ultra peached stretch knit amazingness. It's hard to put the feel of Bird Hug into words because superlatives fall short. When felt for the first time, usually the response is simply "ohhh" followed by a need to put it on. The unique poly-spandex content makes the fabric both lusciously soft and gently compressive. Better yet, as a dual-ply knit, it's reversible and two times the fun.


(Nylon / Polyester)

A triple threat, this fabric brings an ideal combo of stretch, softness, and sport-ability with its heat-releasing texture. In other words, a new Oiselle classic. Incredibly lightweight, it still has body and drape, making it the right choice for those who run hot, who proudly sweat, and/or for indoor workouts. Plus, even though Flow is light, it tends to float above the skin, not getting clingy or wet. We called it Flow because it truly helps us move smoothly through any given workout.


(Polyester / Tencel / Spandex)

HoverFit is our most technical tops fabric designed for the rigors of long runs in variable climates. Designed to adapt so you can keep running, HoverFit's ultra lightweight and unique structure allows it to skim your body - easily managing the movement and evaporation of sweat, without clinging. This means that it feels like a cloud but wears like a protective shield.


(Polyester / Nylon)

Flyte is our one-of-a-kind collection, where seamless meets flawless. Chafe-free construction, anti-stink, and super wicking capabilities, without the overly compressive feel of other seamless on the market. The result is uniquely soft and lightweight garments with a beautiful fit and feel on the body. Our family of Flyte fabrics each have a slightly different yarn blend optimized by style.


(Polyester / Nylon / Spandex)

Seamless garments are loved for allowing maximum mobility. Add compression and you have the ultimate combo: muscle support and freedom to move. Flyte Compression is soft and supportive, with enough nylon to make bottoms and bras long lasting and ready for any challenge. An anti-stink treatment to the yarns also helps with endurance of... freshness!


(Modal / Spandex)

Our Hacci (pronounced Ha-Chee) knit was selected for its exceptional hand feel - as well as the experience of wearing it. It is a 2x1 Modal Rib with a small percentage of Spandex to help it with stretch and recovery. Sleep, recover, and casual wear never felt so good.


(Polyester / Spandex)

Our hot weather friends don't want to miss out on the Lux love, so along came the perfect solution: a summer-weight version of the softest fabric known to womankind. All of the soft, all of the stretch, and all of the wonderful rich colors are what Light Lux brings to the table. Tech enough to run in, soft enough to sleep in, beautiful enough to wear any time at all.


(Polyester / Tencel / Spandex)

The cashmere of running, Lux is soft like butter - but ready to sweat it out and meet the challenge of any hard effort. A staple in our line for years, we're constantly finding new ways to use Lux in everything from tops to tights and accessories. The poly content means it wicks and breathes, while the spandex allows that just-right stretch. Better yet, it gets better with age - durable and increasingly soft.


(Polyester / Spandex)

A weightier version of our classic weight, Heavyweight Lux is designed specifically to answer the needs of more supportive styles, such as tights, capris, and compression bottoms. But it's the same beautiful Lux you've come to know and love... like a hug, exceptionally soft and durable wash after wash.


(Polyester / Tencel / Spandex)

The perfect fabric for the perfect tee; soft, durable, drapey, takes color, and is up for a run at any time! Tee-Lux, rhymes with deluxe and you'll see why. The blend: poly, rayon, spandex. Pre-shrunk. Soft like butter. Sleepwear tested. Runner loved and approved!


(Nylon / Spandex)

Our Nyelle Compression is a high-performance, high-durability fabric that feels incredibly soft and comfortable on the body. Ideal for garments used rigorously and worn in high rotation as it maintains its stretch, recovery, and softness wash after wash. It crosses effortlessly from run to recovery to rumble, and is our go-to for compression bottoms and sports bra.


(Polyester / Spandex)

We took everything we love about Plya Interlock (lightweight, soft, compressive) and worked closely with our mill to add a tonal print that is also highly reflective. During the day, the rich color and subtle print is on display, while at night, its reflective powers become brilliantly visible, making every outing more safe. Better yet, the reflective print is highly stable, and stays bright for the long-term, wash after wash.


(Nylon / Spandex)

A high performance knit with superior compression for muscle support. You'll find this technical fabric in our most supportive bras and compression bottoms. In addition, as an interlock, you don't have to worry about sheerness and see-through fabrics.


(Polyester / Spandex)

Plya Interlock is our pinnacle performance compression fabric. Created specifically for sport, it moves with you thanks to unparalleled stretch and recovery. It provides high support with a lightweight, technical, and supremely soft feel, and excellent coverage and colorfastness in both solid colors and vibrant prints.


(Polyester / Cotton / Spandex)

Like a mash up between your favorite tee and a quilted coverlet, Quilt Layer is a fabric and insulation combo that will give all your hoodies and sweatshirts a run for their money. With a lightweight poly fill between layers of softness, it's an ideal mid-weight. The cotton content makes it soft against the skin, and the mélange effect gives it a lovely warm appearance from the get go.


(Nylon / Spandex)

Featherweight and durable, Flyout Stretch Woven was inspired by our Roga™️ fabric and optimized for hot weather running and those who prefer and ultralight fabric. It offers high-stretch, moisture wicking, and quick dry performance for road or trail.


(Polyester / Spandex)

Our beloved Roga fabric is unique thanks to a high level of spandex - 2-3x higher than most stretch wovens. The result is a beautiful, performance-optimized fabric with a high level of structure, ideal for shorts, dresses, skirts, and other pieces that need to have structure on the body without added weight. Roga fabric deftly manages moisture, without clinging, and dries quickly.


(Merino Wool)

If your favorite sweater could turn into a high loft performance knit, that would be Wazzie Wool Jacquard. Each knit is custom created for Oiselle, expressing the verve of the woman athlete. Best of all, it's both sweater material, to pair with any bottom, or cold weather run layer, to pair with any fall or winter temp. Either way, the 100% merino wool is a performance badass, naturally moisture wicking and anti-stink.


(Merino / Spandex)

Wazzie Wool is our ZQ certified, responsibly sourced merino wool. Merino sheep have a light and breathable coat that keeps them comfortable in both the winter, as well as the hot New Zealand summer. An ideal performance fabric, helping runners stay both warm and cool as the temperature dictates. Merino wool breathes and manages moisture better than any synthetic fiber, and has the ability to absorb perspiration without making you feel damp and uncomfortable. It is also naturally odor resistant.


(Polyester / Wool)

Wool is nature's performance fiber. Combined with polyester, it makes for a super fabric that's known for its versatility. Specifically, wool is the best at keeping you warm in cool climates, but also keeping you cool in warm climates. Flyout Wool was an instant winner in our line, not only for its ability to work in multi-climates, but also because it is exceptionally soft, and holds up - wash after wash. Even people who say they don't typically wear wool, love this fabric.



Our Vim and Vigor shell fabric offers the performance trifecta for running outerwear: water resistant, wind proof, and breathable. Made in Japan by Pertex, the world's leading mill for ultra-lightweight woven fabrics, the Vim and Vigor shell is the ultimate versatile fabric for cold and wet weather running.



Water and weather resistant. This nylon ripstop has been a staple in our line for years as it checks so many boxes: lightweight, smooth, durable, rich in color, easy to wash and care for. Either solo, or as a shell for insulated styles, it truly goes the distance.

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