We like to ask the big questions, like, can we make a cool looking trucker hat that's also high performance? You know this team won't be denied! With softer mesh, a foldable bill, and a simple barrel closure, it all came together. Yes and yes. The Runner Trucker brings your favorite lifestyle hat to a level of runability that not only goes the distance, but shares the spaces and places that we love to run.

- soft front sublimated front panel
- brim folds in half for easy carrying and storage
- mesh sweatband wicks moisture
- soft mesh on crown breathes freely
- unique lightweight bungee + toggle adjustment for perfect fit
- one size fits most - can be adjusted 19"-23"
- hand wash / line dry

Customer Reviews

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Rebecca Phillips
Great hat but hard to wash without breaking closure

I really enjoyed this hat for runs and even to wear to the pool and beach. I needed to wash it fairly frequently and would but it in a laundering bag on a delicate setting, but the closure on it broke after just over a year of use. The company doesn’t offer refunds after a year. Guess I’ll be hand washing my next hat!

We appreciate your feedback on our Runner Trucker! Our customer care team will reach out to address your concerns and try to make this right for you, and we will share your thoughts with our Design Team.

Great hat! (sometimes)

I have one of these hats and LOVE it, so ordered another in a different color. The new one arrived and is much too big for me. I wish the sizing was consistent, I'd love to get another one but don't want to run into the same issue.

Julia Sanderson
Love the hats, but sizing changed?

I have 4 of these hats now, but the last one I purchased a few months ago is much too tight, even on the loosest setting, which hasn't been the case with my previously purchased hats. I had to give mine to a friend whose head is perhaps smaller, but, seriously, what gives? I have loved these hats for running, but when a hat is too tight, I eventually get a headache. I see I'm not the only one with this complaint, so I don't feel crazy in saying this. Just check your sizing, because now these run small.

Grace Sprehn
Best hat

This is my favorite hat full stop. I wear it for literally every run as well as any other outdoor activity. Even on night runs/when it’s not sunny I’ve come to rely on it to keep my hair at bay, which it does an excellent job of thanks to the interior sweat band. I’ve beat this thing up, had it for several years (like 3+ I think), packed it up small to travel/shove in my purse, and I wash it in the sink on occasion (should prob do more often but I’m lazy). It’s good as new. Like honestly very surprised how well this thing has held up because I do not baby it at all! The barrel closure is perfect for cinching down when it’s windy, I adjust frequently on the go. I’m relatively small-headed and it’s perfect, no ear irritation. I bought this on a whim and honestly it’s my most valued piece of running wear. Oiselle hit the nail on the head here for me!

Jennifer Jones
Best hat ever!

I absolutely love the runner trucker. Have it in several different colors/patterns. I have a large head and it fits perfectly for all head sizes. I have several friends looking to purchase but doesn’t look like you have any with the nature scene. Please make more so my friends and family quit stealing mine!

Lillian Walkover
Great hat, but too small

I love the design of the hat, but it was too tight - my head is 23", which the description states as upper end of the size range. Unfortunately, it didn't fit, and I gave it to a friend with a smaller head - who loves it.

Black Logo hat, poor sizing

I have four of these hats from previous years and they're all fantastic. They fit my small head really well, are super comfortable, and really pretty.

However, I ordered the Black Logo colorway from this year's selection and it's sized differently than the hats I currently own. It's too small both in circumference and in height. My head typically fits best in larger kids hats or petite women's hats. I can't wear standard trucker hats, because they're too big. The Black Logo hat actually slides off my head as I move, because it's on there so tightly. (I returned my first BL hat and got a replacement sent to me. I had the same problem with the replacement.) Unless you have an exceptionally small adult head, I'd suggest avoiding that colorway.

Lara Franks
Great hats - want MORE!

I have two of these hats and they are fantastic! Can you please make more color choices!!! I’d love one more!

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