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May 01, 2019

The Importance of Heroes


Every year that I go to Boston around marathon time, I appreciate it more. The Volée team events, spectating the marathon (cry-fest), all of it. This year, I attended two exceptional female-focused gatherings. The first was well-publicized, videotaped in a theater, and deservedly sold out at $15/ ticket; the second was free and perhaps 2/3 of an expo convention room full (and I sincerely hope that it was also video recorded)!  

April 24, 2019

Carrie Mack: There Is No Secret

When you ask me about 2019, so far it goes like this:

January - A new year! I ran on a track! In spikes! Things are happening!
February - WTF body, why you gotta test me like this? Also - SO. MUCH. SNOW.  
March - It’s fine, everything will be fine. Please let it be fine. I’ll just leave town for a while.
April - RUNNING IS MY FAVORITE. Related: I have new roommates.