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October 03, 2019

New! Wazzoh Parkas + Wazzie Wool

Outerwear for outer women. It’s what we love to design and make, knowing that the only thing we need to stay outside, through the cold, dark months, is the right gear. This season, we’re proud to offer you our fullest range of pieces — both for the RUN, and the AFTER RUN. All made with premium, technical fabrics. And with the big-but-small details (hello Lux lined pockets) that you know us for.

October 01, 2019

I Will Put Myself in the Arena Again

I know I did everything I could to prepare despite being injured. From the sauna cycles post workout, to running in long sleeves, putting myself in heat and other distress to manage it. On race day I stayed inside, I wore an ice vest, I put ice down my top and shorts, I ate all the carbohydrates and drank all the water and electrolytes. During the race I doused myself with water as often as we could with what the LOC* had provided, I took ice towels, I had extra hats in the coolers to swap them out for cold ones at the aid stations. I did everything and anything I could to prepare for the conditions.