Roga-licious. Definition: make your legs go crazy.

We started with our original best-for-bottoms shorts in 2007, and now we're up to EIGHT variations of our Roga Shorts. And with 15 years of Roga under our belts, chances are you own a pair or two.

What makes a style a true classic is how many ways it can get remixed with new colors and graphics and matching pieces. And with this in mind, here are some Roga-licious color combos you can play around with to achieve your personal runner vibe.


It’s a jungle out there, but you’re swinging from the vines with ease. Cool as a cucumber. As a nature girl, you know: the greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to run, and love running in return.


Soft and warm and spicy, that’s you. Silk-for-athletes (AKA Lux) over a sassy backed bra with our shortest inseam Rogas. You’ll be warmed up for work in no time.


A true blue Oiselle fan, that’s you. Toolbelt Rogas packed with supplies, paired with a feather detail seamless bra, and topped with a calligraphy-style logo on soft and durable Tee-Lux. They’ll see who’s coming a 1500m away.


When it’s time for a workout, you dress like a pro. Bright bra poppin’ under our most technical, heat-fightin’ fabric (Flow) paired with a pinstripe. Your presentation is sharp and ready, and you’re here to slay this meeting.



Channeling your inner interior designer, you play with patterns and graphics while on the move. Flora and fauna, moving as one, with strong foundational support at the core.

Rebecca Nelson
Tagged: style