The word “freedom” feels like a lie. This seductive idea of saying what we want, doing what we want, without a clear tie to consequences for ourselves or others. Fiction.

We’re told we have freedoms by those who seem hellbent on taking them away. (Everything *is* political - fight me.)

Some of us have been denied the freedoms granted to others for decades. For centuries.

Some of us are fighting for the freedom to exist. What does "freedom" even mean in a world that would prefer us unwoven and unmade?

So, for now, we're breaking up with "freedom."

Besides, "freedom" is a noun, and we live in a time when verbs are required. A vocabulary of action.

Let us LIFT instead.


LIFT requires relationship. Requires connection.

You and the friction of your feet against the road. You pulling the kettlebell over your head. Building strength with your effort.

You at another runner’s side moving up a hill. Or together in a pace group. Or helping a neighbor with their groceries when you reach home.

LIFT is also you in the voting booth. You on the picket line. You asking your representatives for services that you yourself do not require but you know that others do.

There is always someone who needs your hand, your voice, your heart. Your gifts. YOU.

True LIFT is a gift to be given freely, out of love, out of a well of nurturing energy that flows from our core, and from our dreams of who we hope to become. For each other.

Effort. Strength. Relationship. Connection. We were made for THIS.

Heads up, hands open, wings out.

September 12, 2022 — Rebecca Nelson

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