Talking "trail running" conjures up images of far off places, empty spaces, and a heap of effort and resources just to get to the trailhead. Not a regular reality for most, but a super soul recharger when one can manage a trip into the outer wilds.

Luckily, trail running can be closer to home, if we step outside our normal out-and-back road running routes. Like rumbling down a well-worn footpath in a local park or preservation area. Or just running the dirt or gravel-covered path alongside the paved ones in your neighborhood. (It ain't Broken Arrow, but you'll have a happy heart and be home for dinner.)

And when it comes to picking the best gear for all those unpaved adventures, we turn to our resident trail expert and cloud collector, Collier Lawrence.

"Benjamina Button: for those special occasions."

Collier's trail kit top of choice for this #bibszn has been the Benjamina Button Short Sleeve. Lightweight Breeze Woven fabric keeps you cool while keeping the sun from beating down on your shoulders. It's a look that says business, without restricting movement like a true business suit would. "I didn't regret wearing it once during my 100K," says Collier.

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"I like a loose fitting simple shirt or tank for day to day. Flyout checks all my boxes."

Ah, Flyout. Chances are you already know about this lightweight wicking wonder fabric, but did you know that we have hydration pack friendly versions, like the Flyout Trail Tank? Wider shoulder straps and back means less pack chafe for you.

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"I admittedly did the thing you aren't supposed to do and took the tag off these shorts the morning of a race. I was surprised that it was one giant pocket, but if that's the only surprise you get pulling the "new gear on race day" card, I'll take it."

Soft and comfortable compression meets Batman's toolbelt. That's O-mazing. Available in 2.5" inseam shorts all the way down to 7/8 length tights, our O-mazing styles are beloved for their supportive fit and a continuous 360° waistband great for carrying all the small things.

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"I like that the straps adjust so I can switch it around if my pack is riding weird one day. Supportive but not restrictive. It's simple and does the job for me."

Trail running (and, heck, running in general) can cause some made-it-work moments when you're far from home and there's a gear issue. So gear that works with you is key. Enter the Scorset Bra. Elegant and supportive, but also rocking adjustable straps in both length and style (cross back or parallel).

More giftted chests may appreciate the adjustability of the Esther Bra or the Queen Bra for the same reasons.

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"I love a vest and am about living my vest life."

Pockets, hood, wind and water resistance, stowability...if you're not a fan of waistband pockets or running with a backpack, the vest life might be for you. Plus, our Seattle Showers Vest also packs away into its own pocket for easy stowage and carrying when you don't need it. (Also, pro top: vests are great as a purse substitutes when attending sporting events.)

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"The Blackbird Cap is my absolute favorite. Light. Simple. I'm sensing a theme. Am I a minimalist?"

A good hat can do so many things on a run: shade from the sun, protection from rain, a clean seat for the ground, a place to put wild huckleberries for snacking on as you move, a tool to shoo bugs away...we could go on and on. Collier's chapeau préféré is the Blackbird Cap: comfortable, foldable, full head coverage but still lightweight.

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Rebecca Nelson
Tagged: style