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One of our best-selling bras, Flyout was inspired by trail runners who complained of regular sports bra straps digging into shoulders (underneath hydration packs), so it was designed to solve for that, as well as provide better storage and support. A center back phone pocket is made of power mesh, secure and easy to access. The chest band is extra wide, as are the shoulder straps. The higher neck, and our Power Plya™ fabric come together to provide a more supportive bra for C/D cups as well.

- Power Plya (polyester/spandex)
- Plya Power Mesh lining
- new removable cup with more coverage
- mesh pocket at top of back fits phone
- compression level: 2
- constructed with Bluesign Approved Fabrics

Customer Reviews

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Love it

This is my favourite running bra. I absolutely love it. It’s super comfortable and supportive. I don’t have a large just though. And I love the phone holder at the back - it’s so convenient and you forget you have your phone as you can feel it.
Will be buying more.

I don’t mess with other bras for running.

I live in Houston, TX. It is not uncommon for me to have to do speedwork in 95% humidity. I no longer bother searching for other bras to run in. I refuse to run with a phone, so I often use the phone pocket to store a soft flask of frozen hydration fluid, which melts down during my run so I can drink it, while keeping me cool. It also helps remind me to hold my shoulders back and down because I imaging squeezing the flask there while I run. I guess I could do that with a phone there too. Anyway. Love the bra. Have it in every color. I think it’s cute and simple. I like the the thick straps. I don’t think it’s too hot, even in Houston, but I don’t ever wear a shirt over it. That’s another thing I like about it. It looks more like a crop than a bra. At least on me.. So why bother wearing a shirt and making more laundry? I’ve been wearing these for two years exclusively. I buy every new color that comes out. All of them remain in great condition. I wash them cold on gentle. I hang them dry. I initially bought a 4 and a 6 and kept the 4 bc it gives me the support I need. I am 5’0. I don’t know how much I weigh. I isially wear a 34B in regular bras. I think the reason the 4 works for me rather than the 6 is because Im petite generally and proportionally smaller through the shoulders and upper torso area, generally.

Anita Horsley
Best running bra!

This is my favourite running bra by far! I love that it's supportive but still comfortable and the phone pocket is a game changer. First sports bra that I've ever reordered!

Erika Kooda
BEST Bra On the Market

Looking for the best bra on the market? LOOK NO FURTHER - SHE IS RIGHT HERE! I cannot stop buying these bras. The fit is perfect, the phone pocket fits most phones and also doesn't bounce or get in the way/alter your natural body movements at all like an arm band or plopping your phone in a pocket might. I will say, I've had some of these bras for a little over two years and occasionally will get chafing on my back from the band of the bra on long, humid summer runs. That being said, I also don't take GREAT care of my bras (I.e., I throw them in the dryer), but most bras are falling apart after even just one year. I'll forever sing this bra's praises - the only thing I would change is making them in every color!

Emma Miller-Crimm
the best bra

This is the most comfortable bra I've ever owned for running. I tried 5 bras recently and all gave me the worst chafing b/c I have large-ish breasts but I am generally small. I also am nursing and it's been impossible to find a bra that supports me without clogging my ducts. The thick straps give a nice amount of coverage, simple look, and no digging!! I'm soooo happy this exists.

Flyout Bra Really is the Best

I have dozens of sports bras. I am a runner currently training for my 4th marathon and I reach for this bra every single time. It's not my cutest option or the only one that has a pocket for my phone between the shoulder blades, but this one is hands down the most comfortable and practical. I'm a 34C and the size 6 fits perfect with substantial support/compression. For my summer running it's hotter than other sports bras but still comfortable even when soaked in sweat. The other bras I own with phone pockets in the back are too deep, making it harder to pull my phone out mid-run. This one is the perfect size for my iphone 12 Pro with some extra space for a larger phone but not too much where it's bouncing around. I do not have a problem getting this bra on and off but do not have shoulder problems. The new flyout zipper appears to be a great option although I've never had a zip front bra that doesn't end up chaffing me during long runs. Please make more colors/patterns!

flyout bra

mine is a question. Im around 110#, 5'2 an 34ishA cup at most. What size do u suggest?

Christina Gabe
Comfy and Convenient

This bra is so soft, stretchy, but still holds everything in place. I LOVE IT! The only way it could be improved is if they made a zip front version for us women with shoulder issues. But the phone holder is a game changer. I have tried everything for holding my phone: wrist pocket, arm band, waist band, etc. This is the best idea ever - it's easy to reach, but stays put while running. I bought two more. For size: I'm 5'3", 130 lb, B cup probably 36 around and bought a size 6.

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