Oiselle is dedicated to the Bras For Girls charitable donation program, started in 2017. The mission of Bras For Girls is to donate sports bras to girls, targeting late elementary to middle school girls - an age at which some girls choose to stop participating in sport due to discomfort with their changing bodies.

In addition to bra donation, Bras for Girls shares educational content with a wide spectrum of girls and women about body development and how to accurately choose and fit a sports bra. Oiselle has donated over 17,000 bras to girls in need since the start of the program. In 2021, Oiselle launched a “Buy One, Give One” initiative featuring our versatile and supportive In2Sports Bra. With each purchase of the In2Sports bra, Oiselle donates one to Bras For Girls. Your purchase makes a difference!

Propelled by its success, in 2021 Oiselle assisted with the evolution of Bras for Girls to form its own 501c3 non-profit.

Please check out the Bras for Girls website to get involved. You can suggest organizations that would make great partners, share your nominations, donate (tax deductible) to the program, and learn how to connect at the local level. Bras for Girls is also supported by our Volée Team whose team membership fees directly contribute to this program. Thank you for your support of Bras For Girls, and for sharing our dream of a sports bra for every girl!