This August, we invited athletes to apply for a brand new team of bold, determined marathoners: 5 Underbirds to join our Haute Volée Theresa Hailey and Carrie Mack to fly together at the 2024 Olympic Marathon Trials. 

We’re offering the Underbirds a 6-month contract that encompasses more than a body in a branded kit - it’s an opportunity for story development and growth alongside our athletes, and a launchpad of hope and support for developing elites.


Underbirds are resilient, resourceful women who are rooted in their running goals and self-belief; they’ve persisted despite being overlooked and underappreciated by the running industry. They’ve got big, nuanced stories to tell about their journeys to the Marathon Olympic Trials and in life. They celebrate the process just as much as the goal. The totality of their story and life experiences leading up to the Trials is what makes them interesting, respected, lovable and demonstrates what’s possible. Underbirds are bold, unique women creating their own unconventional path to Team USA.

Thank you to the many impressive women who applied - reading your stories inspired us all, and made this a tricky selection process! We’re thrilled to introduce you to the 5 women of the Underbird team.

    Meet the Underbirds

    Ari Hendrix

    Briana Boehmer

    Carrie Verdon

    Elena Hayday

    Molly Bookmyer


    • Housing and transportation to Olympic Trials 
    • $2000 stipend to get you to the starting line happy and healthy
    • Volée membership and app access
    • $1000 gear stipend (plus a race day kit, backpack, and apparel essentials)
    • discount Code (50%) for the duration of your contract
    • Pregnancy Protections
    • Bonus if you make the Olympic team: $50,000 
    • A platform and audience for your story, a sisterhood to cheer along the journey
    • Race day cowbell corner and dance party!


    1. Monthly content contribution to Oiselle channels, developed in conjunction with our content team (we are invested in who you are holistically as an athlete-woman and will create opportunities to celebrate that with our community). Specifics will be determined according to our marketing calendar, and agreeing on athlete’s story-telling preferences (i.e. long form copy for a blog, quotes, video, social story or posts, or TikTok etc.)
    2. Regular engagement on the Volée app
    3. Posting on your social channels at least twice a month, tagging Oiselle and #flystyle 
    4. Olympic Trials race day in the Oiselle - provided race day kit
    5. Send requested photos (of yourself) for Oiselle usage, regular uploads to Oiselle Team dropbox