Waterproof and breathable. It's the ultimate solution - now available in our pinnacle running jacket. Per usual, it starts with a five-star fabric; in this case from the scientists at Schoeller, a global leader in high performance, technical fabrics. As a 2.5 layered laminate, Schoeller's e3+ Protection Plus is designed specifically for high intensity output in high intensity weather. As you heat up, the textured interior keeps the fabric from sticking to your skin, while the specially designed laminate moves heat and moisture through the fabric while preventing rain and wetness from entering on the surface. To literally, seal the deal, all zippers are 100% waterproof, and every seam has been sealed, so no water can leak in. Add adjustability at the hood and hem, and it's the ultra lightweight water-proof shell that's ready for anything.

- waterproof
- hood and hem adjustability
- taped seams
- zippered hand pockets
- elastic-finished wrist
- 24" body length (size small)

Customer Reviews

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Love, but…

Conflicting thoughts on this jacket.

I’ve worn this for many shorter rainy runs (as well as walks) in the drizzle, so yesterday, I had a long run (13) on tap and figured this would be the perfect piece.

For almost two hours, the the jacket performed decently, but water was definitely permeating the sides and i could feel my shirt (flyout tank) getting damp. On top of that, water started pooling in the sleeves.

I could ignore all of that, as sometimes, you just have to accept getting wet while running in the rain. However, the true surprise came when I arrived back home to shower, and I discovered a large chafe mark on my neck, as a result of wearing the jacket zipped up.

I’m now unable to wear anything that touches my neck as the skin had rubbed off and it’s extremely painful. I am afraid to wear any coat zipped up now.

Didn’t even get to wear it

I bought this jacket in crackle last year while pregnant with plans to wear it this year. Pulled it out for the first time today, tags still on, and the zipper pull came completely off the rest of the zipper. I tried a few times to get it back on, and then gave up as I was running out of time. For a $200 jacket, this was beyond disappointing. It’s completely unusable unless I can figure out how to get this fixed.

We appreciate your feedback on our Say Anything Jacket! Our customer care team has reached out to address your concerns and try to make this right for you, and we have shared your thoughts with our Design Team.

Nice Jacket Poor Quality

I purchased the 2020 version of this coat. I've used it for many runs - long, short, cold, and wet. It has become my go to jacket. The bright orange works great as it becomes dark. I love the color, I love the cut, and I love the style. It does fine in the rain (nothing is completely waterproof). I've carefully washed it by hand with mild soap and air dried it after it's been through several runs. I really like Oiselle's products. I feel they are well thought out for what runners need. But, the quality of the material and quality of the work for this coat is very poor. Especially for what it costs. This is not an inexpensive jacket and for the price, I expected it to hold up for at least 3 - 5 years. In less than a year the elastic on both wrists has flatten out to a point where I cannot read my watch. I find myself rolling up the sleeve so I can see the screen. Now my arm is cold or wet which defeats the purpose of wearing a jacket. It's disappointing. I expected for this price it would have held up better.

Water Repellent Game Changer!

As a cross country coach who has to stand outside in the weather and run around to coach my kids, this jacket is a game changer! Keeping me super dry and warm while also staying breathable, I absolutely loved having this in my closet and reached for it all the time!

Love this jacket so much I bought it twice!

I bought the Say Anything Jacket last year since I was in need of something a little more waterproof and not quite as lightweight as my Vim Jacket. I bought the Crackle and have been so happy with it, it really feels like a premium and kind of "pinnacle" piece. It is the real-deal running jacket for shitty/wet weather. I like to layer this over a long sleeve in the winter when it gets really cold and wet and windy and truly, it's been super. Taped seams really "seal the deal" (haha). I wished they had this in Black last year and so when I saw this year they indeed made this in Black I had to get it - kind of splurge to buy a second one, but definitely worth it for winter weather. I use it for walking and running, so having two is actually pretty nice! oh! I usually wear a size 2 in Oiselle and an XS in both my Say Anything Jackets fits great.

Premium Running Jacket!

I bought the Say Anything a year ago when I needed something a little more substantial and waterproof than the Vim Jacket. My only complaint at the time was that they didn't offer this in Black..well lo and behold - Oiselle made this in Black this season, hooray! I debated whether I needed two of the same jacket, but I'm really happy with them and not mad about having two! I wear them running when it's really nasty out, but also find myself grabbing it for everyday neighborhood walks, dog walks, riding my bike, and even on a few day hikes. This is such a premium-feeling running jacket! I wear a 2-4/XS-S in Oiselle tops and am between a 32 and 34B and wear the Say Anything Jacket in an XS.

Great jacket is you don't mind smelling like BO

I love this jacket - fit is great, keeps me dry, great hood, but OMGOSH, the smell!! I thought it was me, but no, the jacket smells exactly like the worst body odor you've ever smelled. I washed and dried, and it still smells. It might be the waterproof coating? Even my dob leash I hold while running smells like it now, like it dropped off my jacket into the rubber part of my leash and now everything smells.

For $200 I really do not want to smell this bad to stay dry. I love this jacket though, so I hesitate to return it.

We appreciate your feedback on our Say Anything Jacket! Our customer care team will reach out to address your concerns and try to make this right for you, and we will share your thoughts with our Design Team.

Lynn C.
2020 version needed work

Semi waterproof jacket but as another reviewer mentioned, my jacket gets soaked in some spots and I do not stay dry… Unfortunately, the elastic on the left wrist did stretch out and stop working after the first wear too. A year later and I love the color and fit, so I do still use it as an extra (very expensive) layer rather than a rain jacket. Ah well. Hoping 2021 version is the one!

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