In 2004 we began our quest for non-poofy running shorts. In the years since its original debut, the Rogas have evolved with lighter fabric, improved waistband, additional pockets, lengths, and prints, but our pursuit to make the best pair of running shorts for women remains unchanged.


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Roga Shorts
Bright MarbleDeep BlueIvory SticksBlackFlora PrintJuniper+ 3 more
Long Roga Shorts
Ivory SticksDeep BlueBright MarbleBlackJuniper+ 2 more
High Rise Long Roga Shorts
Black MulticoloredDeep BlueIvory SticksBlackFirenzeJuniper+ 3 more
Longer Roga Shorts
Bright MarbleDeep BlueIvory SticksBlackFirenzeJuniper+ 3 more
High Rise Roga Shorts
Deep BlueBlack MulticoloredIvory SticksBlackFirenzeJuniper+ 3 more
Mac Roga Shorts
Deep BlueIvory SticksBright MarbleBlackFirenze+ 2 more