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The Flyout Shorts quickly became a favorite, with their traditional running short style (plus a side seam design twist), and so we knew the lovers of Flyout Shorts would also appreciate a longer version - for more coverage and length. Made from the same Flyout Stretch Woven, the body fabric combines stretch and ease of movement with beautiful drape and durability.

Want a shorter inseam? Try the original Flyout Shorts!

- Flyout Stretch Woven (nylon/spandex)
- infinity drawcord
- built-in technical liner
- side hand pocket
- 6" inseam (all sizes)

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Nice and light but lining a little tight

The fabric and fit of the outer short are fantastic! They can get a little clingy in humid or wet weather, but the fabric is light and soft enough that it does not bother me. Wet or dry, the legs of these shorts stayed in place without riding up.

I am curvy and the shorts themselves fit well, but the liner is too tight for curvy folks. I decided to take the risk and cut out the liner. With the liner cut out, the shorts are perfect! I wore sans-liner for a recent 50 miler. The shorts were light and breezy, dried quickly after a humid start, and no chafing at the end!

I find the side pocket mostly useful for light items, like gel/chew wrappers. A phone is too heavy for this pocket, just pulls the shorts down.

Love the length and weight

I am a new convert to running in shorts. My thighs are my thighs, and I haven’t found a pair that didn’t ride up while running. BUT. Now that I’m in my 50s, I run warmer than I used to, so have been on a quest to find shorts that work. While I like the rise and waistband of the Roga, they weren’t roomy enough in the thigh. The long Flyouts are perfect! I don’t have a flat rear end, so the extra length is nice (accommodates the curves) and feels modest which I really appreciate!
Now, they still tend to “catch” on my inner thigh every so often, but the fabric is so light that they never stay there — so no more feeling like I have a diaper between my legs after running a mile! I don’t have to adjust them at all during a run, and there is zero chafing. They also dry really quickly after a run (and I hang them to dry when washing). Some things I wish: 1) not so expensive! 2) more color and/or print options 3) a bit higher in the rose so the liner doesn’t fit so tightly on the leg openings.

Erin K.
Holy Grail Shorts

After searching high and low for shorts that don’t ride up or cause chafing on my runs, these shorts were a godsend. I’m 5’11, 160lbs, and have strong thighs. These shorts don’t ride up and are very breathable. Running in the Utah summer can be a little miserable but these shorts have made running in the heat a lot more bearable. I’ve worn them on about 15 runs now, two of which have been 9 miles and I haven’t experienced any chafing. Thank you, Oiselle!!!

Charlotte W.
Finally some shorts that work for me!

I am 5'6" and 155 lbs with thick thighs and I bought a size 8 which fits well. These are the first shorts (apart from knee length bike style shorts) I have tried that don't roll up. I've tried the rogas, the long rogas, the flytes, and the long flytes. All of them rolled up and led to thigh chafing. But with the long flyout shorts, no rolling up and no chafing! They are also surprisingly flattering. Please keep making these shorts.

Terri K.
I am getting rid of everything I own and only getting these shorts

I have tried everything...EVERYTHING...in terms of running shorts to no avail. Most shorts cause inner thigh chafing so I started running in Brooks bike-short style running shorts and that caused like a heat rash on my bum skin. I have slathered every skin surface from waist to knee in runner's lube, and I still get chafed while running 10+ miles. I have literally never written a review of a product but THESE SHORTS DESERVE A REVIEW. They don't ride up; they don't cause inner thigh chafing; they don't cause butt skin rashes. They are flowy and well-fitting and perfect. I love the pocket too! For short runs, you can put your phone in there. For long runs, I wear a vest or fanny pack and can still use this pocket for a key or a gel. I'm 5'3" and about 130lb athletic build and the size 4 fits perfect. I highly recommend!

Best shorts ever!

These are without question my FAVORITE running shorts. They are the perfect length to avoid chafing, and are so comfortable. I have *strong* (read: tree trunk) thighs, and have NEVER found a pair of shorts that don’t require constant readjusting or ride up while I run. I’ve worn the black pair since last summer on runs up to 15 miles and had no problem. I have 3 colors and will buy more! I’m about 170 lb, 5’7”, and the size 8 fits nicely.


I thought the Long Rogas were the only shorts for me...until these. As soon as I finished my first test run in them, I turned around and bought the other two colors, and convinced my no-matter-the-weather-tights-wearing friends that these would change their runner lives. I shared the discount code from my purchase, they bought some, and have since purchased more pairs because they, too, fell in love. Thank you, Oiselle, for making a short that is so perfect. Feeling comfortable on a run = feeling powerful on a run and these make that equation true.

I’m 5’7”, 135 lb.. For reference, I can wear either a 4 or 6 in the long rogas. I purchased a size 6 in these long flyouts and the are perfect.

Best Hot Weather Shorts I Own!

These shorts have really grown on me since the hot and humid weather hit. They are so lightweight, it's almost like wearing nothing at all. I honestly didn't love them out of the package, because they are a little blousier than the Long Rogas I own (I did size down on the Rogas because my normal size was too large however). I also miss the back pocket that the Rogas have. I decided to keep them simply because they were nice and soft, and returning things is just a pain. However, once the weather got hot, these quickly because my go-to short. They are just absolutely, hands-down awesome in the heat. The side pocket is nice, but my phone bounces too much--but it would be fine for a key, etc. A back pocket would be great for these shorts. I love that these and the Long Rogas have solved my issue with shorts riding up and chafing during a run. I'd buy these in every color if I could afford it! For reference, I'm 5'7", 140lbs, and I purchased my typical Oiselle size 6. I've wondered if I'd like in a size 4 so that the blousy leg was a little sleeker, but the waist fits really well as is.

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