Kristin Metcalf

The last month has been a buzz of Olympic Trials anticipation. Starting with the outstanding races of 14 women at the California International Marathon (last week's spotlight!) who qualified for the Trials with sub 2:43. Among that field our own Oiselle qualifiers: Shaluinn Fullove, Sarah Robinson, Cynthia Fowler and Lyndy Davis. Following the excitement of CIM came the news that both the IAAF and USATF had adjusted their marathon standards to include women under 2:45! For several women this was amazing news.

Three more of our team members will now be racing in LA. One of the things that makes our Volée team so incredible is the that fact that every member donates $25 to an Emerging Elite Fund. Because of our entire teams generosity we are able to support more women toward their professional racing dreams including the upcoming February 13th. 

We would like to welcome our newest Olympic Trials Qualifiers to our Haute Volée team. We can’t wait to watch you fly in 2016.

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Cynthia Fowler
Hometown: Farmington, Utah
Profession: Mom to three crazy fun boys and part-time registered nurse
Qualifer: CIM 2015 (2:41:32)

“I can’t wait to race at the Trials: enjoy everything about the experience and take it all in!” - Cynthia


Lyndy Davis
Hometown: Portland, Oregon
Profession: HP Program Manager
Coach: Richard A. Lovett
Qualifier: CIM 2015 (2:42:41)

“2016 is going to be exciting for two reasons: Racing the Olympic Trials and I’m getting married at a remote beach venue in Mexico. I will be running the beaches with my new husband! - Lyndy


Sarah Robinson
Hometown: Seattle, Washington
Profession: Creative Director at Oiselle
Coach: Stephanie Bruce
Qualifier: CIM 2015 (2:42:36)

“2016 is going to be awesome because I will be wearing the same kit at Kara #%^@ Goucher at the Olympic Trials Marathon!” – Mac


Becki Spellman
Hometown: Hilliard, Ohio
Profession: Stay at home super mom of twin toddlers
Coach: Glenn Andrews
Qualifier: Columbus 2015 (2:44:44)

“2016 is going to be amazing because I am FINALLY getting close to my old fitness level in terms of running so I am really looking forward to chasing down some PR's. I want to go after a couple of big PR's on the track in both the 5k and 10k after recovering from the Trials. In terms of life, just watching my kids grow and become more and more of their own people. I really look forward to watching them master their own little crafts in life!” - Becki


Trisha Drobeck
Hometown: Missoula, Montana
Profession: Sales Rep for Spectrum Aquatics
Coach: Elliot Bassett/Mountain Endurance
Qualifier: Twin Cities 2013 (2:44:59)

“2016 is going to be amazing obviously because I will be racing the Trials and that is a dream come true and takes top billing. I'm also excited for the 10th annual Missoula Marathon in my hometown. It is Christmas in July for me!” – Trisha


Heather McWhirter
Profession: SAHM, CEO & President of the McWhirter household
Coach: Blake Russell
Qualifier: CIM 2015 (2:44:12)

"First and foremost, I am looking forward to accomplishing a lifetime goal of mine: Participating in the Olympic Trials Marathon in February with my family and friends. This has been 20 years in the making! Once I recover from the Trials, I am also looking forward to racing shorter distances, setting new PR's, and cheering on the Oiselle birds - "Birds of a feather, flock together!" - Heather

(photo cred: Sean Delaney)