sarah robinson

Tacoma, WA

haute volée Since: 2010 / 2015

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hometown tacoma washington


Do you have a quote that guides, inspires, or embodies your training/racing/life?
"Some people create with words or with music or with a brush and paints. I like to make something beautiful when I run. I like to make people stop and say, 'I've never seen anyone run like that before.' It's more than just a race, it's a style. It's doing something better than anyone else. It's being creative." - Pre 

"I have shoes and um – a face. So, I like that about myself. And I like myself and I have a lot of other great qualities as well." - Marcel the Shell * Solid pep talk. 

What is your favorite post-race treat?
Morning: a big farm breakfast and strong coffee
Afternoon: a cheeseburger or flank steak and a good red wine.
Anytime: sugar babies, gobstoppers, hi-chew... candy monster!

What is your favorite place to run?
Rockport Massachusetts in the heat of August. Even better if there's sand in my socks after a day at Good Harbor beach.

Why do you run?
At first because I was good at it. Running was taken away from me many times (knee repairs, broken vertebrae) and it became heartache and weight. Now I run because it's freedom and I'm most me on the move, on the run.

Where would we find you when you're not running?
In an ice bath...but really soaking up every second with my daughter Penelope. 

Complete the sentence: If I was stranded in a hotel room with one movie and one book, they would be
The Royal Tenenbaums and The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy.

personal bests

13.1 1:18:36
26.2 2:42:36



racing highlights

2016 Olympic Trials Marathon Finisher
2015 California International Marathon - 17th (OTQ)
2013 Chicago Marathon - 23rd
2013 Whidbey Island Half Marathon - 1st place overall
2013 Vermont City Marathon - 6th