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Kristin Metcalf


Team Manager

Kristin Metcalf is the team manager at Oiselle. She makes sure that our Volée and Haute Volée are flying fast and happy. It’s about a three person job but she makes it look easy. On top of that she’s mom of the year to two kids, Mackenzie and Greg.  Actually Greg is her husband and head coach of the UW running program.

Kristin started running as a high school freshmen after 10 years of competitive figure skating. Yes, figure skating. And she has the broken vertebrae to prove it. She runs to keep perspective on life, to keep her body and mind healthy, to satisfy her competitive spirit. Plus she loves to meet runners that share her love of running freedom.

Anyone that knows Kristin knows she loves her some Dave Matthews. And she happens to bump into him often in Seattle. So it comes as no surprise that he would be among her top dream running partners.  They’d be writing song lyrics on the long run for sure. She’d also want to run with Wilma Rudolf . She and her daughter find Wilma’s story to be a great inspiration.

Kristin will be filling us in on everything Volée and Haute Volée along with the top news in professional running. Follow along!

Kristin Fire-Round
Track or road? Track when I was young and fit. Road now.
Long run or 800s? 800s
5k or marathon? 5k
Chips or chocolate? Chips
NY or LA? NY
Winter or summer? Winter
Dog or cat? Dog
Ocean or mountains? Can’t choose! Both!
Plugged in or unplugged? Unplugged