I was introduced to the "The Dozen" in the winter of 2012 by my favorite Oregon running family. I love this set of core exercises for its efficient targeting of core muscle groups, and because no gym equipment is required! You can do this on a grass field, in your hotel room, or really anywhere you can lay on a flat surface. This blog has become one of Oiselle's "greatest hits" since we published it in 2013. Do The Dozen (or "The Dirty Dozen" as it has come to be known) 3 times/ week for best results, as an adjunct to your running or other sports, and you will help protect against injury. Hear from The Dozen's creator:  

"Of course you realize that I didn't invent any of these exercises...only orchestrated the collection to be a balanced set of front/back/side core exercises with just enough arm work to encourage my high school runners to be both tougher and less injury prone. If you get busy they should take you about 15 minutes post run...a small investment of time that can pay big dividends to any runner."  

April 29, 2024 — Sarah Lesko


Claire said:

Big fan of this work and love the updated version, but the new layout is harder to print. Can you shift to to be 3×4 (rather than 2×6) so it’s more printer friends for those of us who like to print and tape things up.

Zoie B said:


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