There’s a spring in our step! That time of year when Outdoor Track & Field gets fired up. We can’t wait to cheer on our Haute Volée as they get into the meat of their outdoor seasons. Hear from some of our elites on how they are approaching outdoors and what their current #flystyle faves are!



As competition season approaches, I’ve been feeling rather calm. The anxiety and pressures that usually reside in me at the start of season are absent. I have been focusing on keeping my mind sound and focused on the end goal. For myself, a full time working mom, who is going to school and training at the professional/elite level, the odds may seem stacked against me (part of the fun for me); but on the track none of that matters—only the clock matters. I want to really take risks this season. The goal is to race without limits and be completely present in the moment. I want to be the best version of my racing self, mentally and physically. I am going to take it one race at a time, and make the most of each opportunity presented. It is going to be a fun and fast season!

Favorite #flystyle: Verrazano Bra + KG ShortsThe sports bra and shorts look is liberating for me. It's me embracing all of me. I was embarrassed of my stomach (despite the abs) after having my son, because of the extra skin and new tiger stripes (stretch marks). But I had to have a heart to heart with myself, and I learned to not only accept, but love my new powerful body... I'm a mom! 

EMILY OREN, Steeplechaser

I am so excited for outdoor season because with outdoor comes the steeplechase! I will be working towards running a fast 1500 and 5k to give myself some confidence. Everything is going to lead up to outdoor USA's where I will run steeple for the 3rd time at that stage. As long as I can see progress happening during outdoor (like I saw indoor), I will be happy!

The Snap Flyout Tank is by far my favorite. The color is bright and cheery and it is so lightweight that I don’t even notice it on. This tank makes me feel great whether I’m stuck on the treadmill (since Michigan spring is not always that nice) or outside on a sunny day.


SASHA GOLLISH, 800m, 1500m, and 5000m

What am I looking forward to? Hurting so good! There is something really intense about the track. I’ve thought a lot about what my weakness is in the 5000m on the track, and the answer is: managing the discomfort. It’s not like a road race. If you start to really hurt before 400m to go, you still have to go by the finish line before you actually finish. I find that very intimidating; especially when you add in people all trying to encourage you when your legs are screaming back at you. To be great you have to manage discomfort, that pain. So I’m looking forward to the pain and learning to work through it. 

Single Favourite Piece: The Lesko Bra. Best bra ever. Comfy. Good Coverage. Love the hole in the back for some breathing.

MEL LAWRENCE, Steeplechaser

I'm focusing on getting faster in the events that surround the steeple (1500m + 5k). To be a great steepler, you need the 1500m for speed and the 5k for strength. While the steeple will still be my main focus, I'm looking forward to working on those two distances a little more than I did last year.

Favorite spring style... I love the New Strider Short, and in particular the Slate Stick print. And Summer Rogas! It actually feels like I'm not wearing shorts. I know everyone keeps joking about it, but it's true.


ALEXINA WILSON, Steeplechaser

I am excited for the outdoor season because I have a little more experience running the steeplechase year compared to last, which has me feeling confident! I'm looking forward to having a chance to race some other events as well, like the 1500 and possibly even a 5k!

My favorite spring flystyle is definitely the Spring Wazzie Wool Racerback Tank. It's just so versatile. It is a great base layer for a chilly spring morning run but it also a stylish top that you can layer with just about anything for a fun spring look.

MEGAN CLARK, Pole Vaulter

My goals for April and May are to become more consistent, confident, and comfortable on the runway. I'm really looking forward to traveling and competing with friends and gearing up for USAs!

I love love love the Aero JacketFlyte Shorts, and Lesko Bra. I would live in them I I could.



"I'm excited to be back on the track while still exploring other distances off the track. A few events this winter gave me an idea of where I could head after the steeple but I still have some track legs in me that need a few spins and splashes on the oval." 

Current #flystyle fave is the Pleat Tank. When you're rushing place to place, this tank keeps you cool and looking fresh for any type of run, work, meeting combo day to day life will throw your way.


April and May are packed with fun and fast races! I'm looking forward to kicking everything off with the Stanford Invite. April also will bring 400 races leading into my first 1500m race in May. Overall I'm just excited to compete, have fun, and enjoy every race that's coming up. June is the goal and competing at home in Sacramento is going to be awesome! 

My favorite spring go-tos at the moment are the Pocket Jogger Capris. They are the perfect tights for the gym or the street. A girl can never have too many pockets! 



Whether it is on the roads or the track, racing this spring is about getting back into it and experiencing the joy of it. I know I need to work on the confidence piece of standing on the starting line and believing that I belong there, so racing will give me the opportunity to improve on that. I hope to gain confidence, test my fitness, and enjoy the process along the way!

My favorite spring #flystyle piece is the Summer Rogas. The Rogas have been my favorite Oiselle piece since 2013, but the Summer Rogas take it to the next level! They take the same fit as the Rogas and combine it with fabric that is so lightweight & breathable that it feels like you are not wearing anything. The second I tried them on, I knew I was going to be buying the other two colors (which I promptly did).



I can't wait to step onto the track and see all the winter and spring training come to life! We just started working on some hurdle drills; it is so fun to "get the feet wet" again for the first time! It is always a little nerve wracking hurdling for the first time again, but it all comes back like riding a bike. My goals are to get to the starting line healthy, run some fast PR's in the 1500, get a shiny new 800 PR since I haven't run one since high school, and qualify for the final in the 3000m Steeplechase at the US Championships to give myself a shot to make the World Team. Can't wait to fly fast this spring!

Favorite #flystyle is the Flyout Tank! I love how light it is, plus the Snap adds some pep to my step during hard workouts.


BRIT HENRY, Hammer Thrower

I will be opening up at the end of April or beginning of May. I'm looking forward to going fast again and testing myself to execute my cues on meet day. My overall goal for the year is to compete relaxed and confident, when I do that, the distance will be there.

By far my favorite #flystyle spring piece is the is the Flyte Tank in Coast. I'm In love with the color and I never pass up a chance to show my “guns” off. The look wouldn’t be complete without a pair of Lux Track Pants. Comfortable, classy and durable.


I will be starting my outdoor 20k season on April 2nd in Philadelphia for the USA Pan Am Cup Race Walk Trials: the top 4 athletes will be named to Team USA and will compete in the Pan Am Cup May 13-14th in Lima, Peru! While the team competition will be stiff, Team USA is capable of putting together one of its strongest teams ever and looks to podium again.

Current #flystyle favorite: Flyout TankFrom the moment I felt the fabric I knew this tank would be a winner. I have a feeling it will give the Go Tank some serious competition this summer when I want something light and airy that won't get heavy and saturated with sweat. I also really love the silhouette of it too. It's not skin tight but has just the right amount of relaxed free fall. The colors are perfect, too... I own all 3 colors! 


JAMIE CHEEVERSteeplechaser

My goals for April and May are to get started on steeple workouts, get in some good speed, rust bust some races, and get ready to kick butt in June!

My favorite piece is the Flyout Tank because the material is so light, yet still wicks all the sweat. And I love how the front and back are sewn together at the bottom of the shirt. I like the curves as opposed to the straight edges

MEGAN ROLLAND, Steeplechaser

I usually open up the outdoor season with a 1500 - a great race to practice tactics while staying in that uncomfortable threshold for the majority of the race. The 1500 also gives me a boost of confidence heading into the first steeple of the season which will be May 18th at Oxy. I can't wait to spike up again and continue to build off the momentum of last track season!

My favorite spring #flystyle so far is the Summer Rogas + the Two Timing Tank! I am already the biggest fan of Rogas, but I love how lightweight and movable the new Summer Rogas are. If it’s a little chilly then my go to is the Pocket Jogger Capris. The pocket jogger capris are the most comfortable capris I have worn. They are perfect for someone like me with tall legs. The mesh ends below my knee (which is hard to find in a capris style)!

Head up. Wings out. 

Let's have a great season! 



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