As part of Oiselle's ongoing mission to demystify and empower the miracle of womanhood (for all women, everywhere, at every stage and cycle of her life), we are thrilled to announce that we have partnered with leading manufacturers of both feminine hygiene and coffee production to create the first ever caffeinated tampon.

"Utilizing a tampon as the delivery vehicle for stimulants to the human body allows for faster uptake through mucosal absorption," states Dr. Sarah Lesko

Furthermore, this zero calorie option allows an athlete to run free without any stomach irritation. With no staining and no bad breath, the tampon-caffeine delivery system is so advanced, some male athletes have shown concern about this apparent, gender based advantage.


“GoFlow is the perfect antidote for period-induced lethargy,” states elite athlete and Stanford University Human Biology graduate Lauren Fleshman. “The vaginal tissue is unmatched in its receptivity to stimulants. It's so effective I now plan my key workout and race days around my heaviest flow so I can use 2-4 GoFlows in the 12 hours leading up. In longer distance races, I've learned to swap it out mid-race without breaking stride for an extra boost. I also recommend GoFlow off cycle, to liven up conversations with boring people, or when enduring extended periods of time with small children.”

Oiselle’s team of experts, thought leaders, and elite menstruating athletes worked together for more than a year, and over many a long run, to come up with the just right balance of absorption and infusion.

“We love women. And we love coffee,” states Oiselle’s Founder & CEO Sally Bergesen. “GoFlow is the ultimate solution-based innovation. Is it a performance advantage? Sure. But goddammit, we deserve this.”


Two time Olympian Kara Goucher states, “GoFlow has completely changed the game — and the tampon! It’s what I turn to when I want to change my period into a pick me up. My 90 mile weeks just got waaaay easier.”

The GoFlow delivers 100mg caffeine per hour and is clinically proven to legally boost athletic performance without any jittery side effects. Made with 100% organic, non-GMO, sustainably grown, fair-trade, brushed cotton. Biodegradable. For vaginal use only.

Get in the flow with Oiselle GoFlow, and give your menstrual blahs the kick! 

Illustration: Ellen Forney