megan rolland

Emmett, ID

haute volée Since: 2010

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born 8/30/1988
current residence emmett, idaho
college humbolt state university





Do you have a quote that guides, inspires, or embodies your training/racing/life?
“There is nothing wrong with drinking like a fish……providing you drink what a fish drinks.”

What is your favorite post-race meal?
Chocolate milk or Dutch Bros.

What is your must-have piece of running gear?
That is the great thing about running, you don’t need a lot of gear, just a pair of shoes and you’re off!

Do you have a training philosophy?
Listen to your body, don’t get so caught up in training schedules that you don’t realize your body and mind need a break at times.

What is your favorite place to run?
Tall Trees in Orick, CA. Beautiful single track running trails, my all time favorite is the ‘drop off’ run. You get dropped off way at the top of this huge mountain and run 15 miles back to the car through the forest on single track trails while dodging the bears.

Why do you run?
I run because I love it and always have. I run because it is exhilarating to be out in the middle of nowhere with no music and no people, it’s all about you.  Once you hit a goal or a PR, you forget about the hard days it took to get there.

What is your favorite activity, when not running?
My favorite activity when I am not running is probably reading. I read anything from mysteries to biographies to inspirational books although at the moment and for the next 6 months my reading is consumed by text books.

Complete the sentence: If I was stranded in a hotel room with one movie and one book, they would be…
Stand by Me and Born to Run

personal bests

1500m 4:19.38
Mile 4:47.60
3k  9:18.63
3k Steeple 9:51:73
5,000m 16:34:09
13.1 1:15:37


racing highlights

2016 USATF Indoor Championship - 3k - 13th place
2014, 2015 USATF Outdoor Championship - 3k steeple
2015 Hoka One Middle Distance Classic 3k Steeple - 9th place
2014 Stanford Invitational 3k Steeple - 4th place
2014 USATF Half Marathon Championship - 26th place
2013 Portland Track Fest 3k Steeple - 8th place
2010 Humboldt Half Marathon - 1st place
All-American and School record holder in the 3k Steeple