What is the date of the relay?
The relay takes place September 27th - October 1st, 2022

What is the cost?
The cost is $35 and includes an exclusive gaiter for the first 3,000 registrants.

How many participants can be on a team?
Since the Relay covers a virtual course of 220 miles, we suggest creating a team of 7 participants.

Looking for a team to join?
If you search #WomenRunTheVote on Instagram or Twitter, you will see info about teams with open spots. If you have more questions about which teams are looking for runners, please email in to volee@oiselle.com!

Ways to join?
Want to be a team captain?
Create a team and recruit teammates!
Joining as part of a pre-registered team?
Make sure to register under your team captain!
Racing solo?
No problem - we've got teams for you. Register under any of the following open teams: 11_Join Us! or 12_Join Us! or 13_Join Us!

What is included in registration?
Registration includes a virtual race experience where teams of 7 will cover the 220-mile journey, learning about the people and places along the Alabama Black Belt and the important work Black Voters Matter is dedicated to doing. The first 3,000 people who purchase a race package will also receive an exclusive Women Run the Vote gaiter.

How much of my registration cost will be contributed to these organization?
After covering the costs of hosting the relay (including paying content creators) every dollar from registration will flow directly to BVM. We urge you to learn more about our charity partner and donate directly to their powerful organization. If you are looking for a 501c3 tax receipt and corporate matching form for your donation, please donate directly on their website.

How do I claim my race swag - gaiter?
Women Run the Vote bandanas will ship out starting the second week of September.

I see this is a team event, can I just run by myself?
Since the relay covers 220 miles in 5 days, it will require a team effort. If you do not have a team to run with, when you register you will be able to choose a team with vacancies to join!

What happens if my team doesn't "finish" the relay (doesn't cover all 220 miles during the allotted time)?
No adverse consequences! You'll receive emails along the route triggered by mileposts you pass, so if you don't finish the route you won't receive those emails or the "you finished!" email. But there will be no penalty - this is a relay to increase knowledge and raise money for our wonderful organization

How do I share Women Run the Vote on social media?
After registration and during the relay, you will receive emails with shareable images and information. Feel free to post those on social media using the hashtag #WomenRunTheVote

What activities can be converted into miles for this event?

Aerobic fitness
Ballet dancing
Circuit training
Elliptical trainer

Hand cycling
Horseback riding
Household work
Ice skating
In-line skating
Judo & Karate
Jumping rope
Push rim wheelchair

Rock climbing
Sailing, boat and board
Scuba Diving

Stair climbing
Table tennis
Tae Kwon Do
Tai Chi
Water aerobics
Water polo
Water skiing
Weight lifting
Yard Work


How can I create a Racery account and nickname?
You create your personal Racery account and nickname at the moment you sign up for your first virtual race. (Not before!) This will happen on a URL created by the company, charity or club that’s sponsoring your event. You can later edit your nickname in your bio settings, assuming the new name you want is available!

How do I create or join a group?
Racery’s “groups” let racers collaborate informally with friends or colleagues. (For example, #doctors in a race can compete with #nurses, both for total miles and average miles per racer.) To join a group, go to the top of the Runners/Athletes tab on the race page. You’ll see a list of existing groups. Click the group you’d like to join, then click the ADD ME TO THIS GROUP” button.
To create a new group, go to your Bio page -- click on your avatar on the top right of the race page -- and select “my bio” from the list. Go to Edit My Bio and add your group(s).
Once the race begins, groups with more than 2 racers will appear on the main Group List!

Do you have an app?
Yes, we have an app for both iPhone and Android!!

Why add hashtags when I log activities?
Adding a hashtag or two to your activity log (#AMrun or #rumba or #nopain) makes it easy for you to compare workouts notes with others AND lets you view all related logs in your personal activity log (racery.com/r/nickname).

This virtual race lets racers convert activity-minutes to miles. What’s the math behind conversions like "20 minutes of dancing equals 1 mile of running?"
We’ve compiled various academic resources that convert activities into steps, and used them to convert activities into miles on our routes.

Can I add photos to my exercise log in the virtual race?
YES! Click the camera icon on the LOG tab and upload. Formats are jpeg, gif, png or bmp. Size is limited to 10 MB for pictures, so make sure to edit your photo before uploading.

How can I sync my FitBit, Garmin or iWatch with this virtual race?
Because many people do not use a tracking gadget and different brands have different exercise sensitivities, Racery has decided not to synch with these devices. We DO have a 'steps' option in some races so racers can manually log intentional steps. (This feature is at the sponsor’s discretion and is not available in all races!) Fringe benefits to this old school approach: a) studies show that logging fitness activities manually boosts motivation and habit formation, b) logging via the site gives people an opportunity to view or comment on other people's activities and the virtual race’s leaderboards.

How can I opt out of Racery emails?
While some people get ultra-motivated by Racery’s various healthy-nudge emails, you may not! Check out the bottom of any Racery email for opt-out options to make your life (and inbox!) less cluttered. There are 3 types of emails: likes and notifications (may be a lot!), race update information emails, and specially curated content emails that contain images for sharing and key historical facts. If you opt out of all emails, you will miss part of the experience.

My child wants to race too. Can minors participate in virtual races?
Yes! Minors can participate in races provided that they have their parent’s permission and their own individual email address. (Every racer needs a separate email address.) A unique email and nickname is required for each racer so that Racery may identify them and log their activities in unique accounts.

For more FAQ’s on the race platform check out https://racery.com/faq/

If you have further event questions email volee@oiselle.com
For questions about your racery account please contact team@racery.com