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The Queen Bra has a deceptively simple design aesthetically – but still includes all of the internal construction that makes it a highly supportive, structured bra. It includes molded cups with perforation for heat release, our unique padded and stable shoulder straps, adjustability in both the chest band and the straps, as well as an extra plush and ribbed chest elastic that forms the foundation of the style. Its body fabric is Power Plya™ Compression which is smooth, durable, and includes a high Spandex® content for stretch and recovery.

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- Power Plya™ Compression. 78% polyester / 22% Spandex®
- Straps are covered, padded, and stable for minimal bounce
- 2” plush ribbed elastic chest band for comfort and heat management
- Sewn in molded cups with perforation for heat release
- No-stretch power mesh liner to maintain shape and stability
- Adjustable straps for different levels of support
- Bra back opens completely for easy on/off
- 4 hook and eye closures with 3 positions for a just-right fit
- Covered pad protects skin from hook and eye closure
- Plush Elastic with custom Oiselle birds design

Customer Reviews

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Ericka Baran
Close but not quite

I ran 4 miles in the Queen Bra this morning. It wasn't enough support. I am definitely feeling it and kept having to adjust myself while running. I had the straps crossed but loosened them a bit to get it on. It needed to be tightened up. It is really tough to get on with the straps crossed. I will be giving it another go but probably only use for shorter runs or cross training.

Karla Mei Robertson
Nearly perfect bra!

I loved this bra while I was breastfeeding and my boobs were larger than they normally are. Back closure, racerback, built-in pads... it checks off ALL the boxes and I love the bird detail on the straps. I would love to see this bra in a B cup, and I wish the straps were an inch or two longer. I can barely wear the bra as a racerback because the band ends up getting pulled over my shoulder blades. As others note the band seems tight, although perhaps this is true to size per the Oiselle sizing guide. I recommend measuring yourself and comparing to the sizing guide, or ordering 1 band size larger than what you normally wear.

FWIW, I wear a 32B or 32C in most bras, and found the 32 ultimately to be too small, and the cups to be too large for my post-breastfeeding deflated breasts!

Robin Pfeifer
This is it!

I've been searching for a replacement to the Brooks Juno (discontinued) all summer. I've tried on dozens searching for a high-support compression bra that can handle long distances on trail. Nothing worked and I was starting to lose hope. I'm not sure why I didn't start here - all of my running shorts, tanks and accessories are Oiselle.

The Queen is it! There's no bounce and no chafe. It's tight, but I like it that way. I only wish it wasn't so expensive, because I need three.

Kristen Hansen
Support is great, but mesh rips very easily

This bra, at first glance, is great. The band is nice and wide so it doesn’t chafe. It’s actually supportive. It’s adjustable. Check, check, check. Not long after I got my first one, I noticed that the mesh was tearing on the inside of the bra. I ended up exchanging it for a new one, but the same thing happened to that one. I even bought one in a bigger size just to see if that fixed the issue, but no dice. The mesh still rips. It’s probably happening from when the bra stretches when you pull it on over your head...but with the straps crossed that’s really the only good way to get it on. I’ve been wearing the two I have, even with the holes in the mesh, because I haven’t found a better alternative. It’s really frustrating because a bra this expensive from a brand that prides itself in quality shouldn’t be ripping within a couple of months of purchase. If you fix this in the next round of designs I’ll probably buy like 5 of these, because it’s such a pain in the ass to find a bra that fits AND is actually supportive AND comfortable AND does not chafe

Cindy Whitesides
Great bra!

I've been looking for a replacement for my Brooks bras and the QUEEN IS IT! It fits great, looks good, and provides perfect support for my long runs. It is a bit thick with the non-removable padding, but even in the Texas summer heat, that was not a problem or a dealbreaker. I normally wear a 34DD and sized up to a 36D based on reviews. It fit perfectly!

Alexandra spurlock
I'm just so exhausted

I don't know what to tell you. I was optimistic, ordered a couple of these, and neither of them worked. I think the construction of the bra is really well done, I love the adjustable straps, I love the criss-cross, it just didn't work for me. Breasts are in so many different shapes, I can imagine making a bra that works for running is such a challenge. I'm a former big chested person, but my boobs deflated after a year of breast feeding, so I have the size, but not the full ness- and it is a struggle for running. So if you fit this description, this is not the one for us. I've never had a sports bra thats worked for me, and I am just sad and demotivated because the thought and design of this one was great. Sad times over here.

Kris Buttweiler
Good but not great

I recently have been in the market for a new sports bra for running. I read all the reviews and thought this would be cute and functional. While it is cute and comfortable, I jumped up and down a bit and this bra will not work for me for running. There was a lot more bounce than my other sports bras, even with the straps crossed. I am a 34DD. I will wear it for walks and other non running activities.

Kristen Hall-Geisler
works great, but the band is TIGHT

I tried this bra on an easy 3-miler, and I forgot that I was meaning to evaluate the bra until well into mile 2! That's probably the best compliment a sports bra can get from a person with a 30F chest. I ordered a 30DD, which is my usual for sports bras because I like compression. Cups were fine, and the band was also fine once it was on and in place. But that band is TIGHT. It's also very wide, which helps with support and stability, but four hooks seems like overkill. However, while I was running I did not even notice. Like others noted, less intense padding would be great in the next or another version.