As we say, Oiselle was “born and raced in Seattle,” so rain running is our specialty. The cold rain, the warm rain, the driving rain, and the small stinging rain.

But rain can’t keep the runners down. We just make and wear the right gear. For running in the rain:

  • Consider the temp and distance!
  • Technical base layers are a must (such as Lux or Wazzie Wool™ )
  • With warm rain, and short distances, a tank or base layer plus a lightweight shell, is a great option. Add a running hat.
  • If your mileage is longer, add running gloves to your collection.
  • In colder temps, wear an ear band or gaiter over your ears to prevent frostbite or wind chill.
  • In colder temps, add an ear band under your running hat to protect ears
  • Good socks are important for rain running: we recommend wool, or technical running socks, such as those made by Stance, Swiftwick, or Balega.
  • Once your run is complete, getting into dry clothes is the best way to stay comfortable; always have a set ready if you’re running at a new location, with friends, or while traveling.


The key to staying comfortable in the rain is having a flexible toolkit of apparel, that you can layer and un-layer depending on the weather, or whether you tend to run hot or cold. You can’t go wrong with the All Year Gear collection, with lots of options for base layers, vests, outerwear, and accessories.