Oiselle sources its lightweight “heavyweights” from industry leader Pertex®, supplier to leading outerwear brands. What’s needed in a running shell is different. Unlike some outerwear pursuits, that may require waterproof solutions, runners need both breathability and protection. In fact, the release of heat (breathability) is often more important than waterproofing from the outside. And waterproof fabrics and bonded seams will often cause overheating and the “sweat bubble” feeling of too much sweat being trapped inside the jacket. For these reasons, we choose lightweight, windproof, water repellant and breathable solutions that are ideal for running.

Oiselle’s lightweight shell fabrics are:

  • Durable
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Packable
  • Windproof (up to 60mph)
  • Water resistant
  • Breathable