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The Oiselle Bae Sports Bra Is Ready for an LTR

June, 2018

Runner's World reviews the Bae Bra, calling it "the right bra for: A/C runners looking for a new relationship when it comes to high-impact sports bras". To hear the deep dive feedback from the wear testers, READ MORE

Get Sleek and Styled Support in the Oiselle Brilliance Sports Bra

June 2018

Runner's World reviews our highest support bra - the Brilliance Bra. With both style and durability, wear teasters call it a bra that will stand the test of time. READ MORE

Oiselle Athletes And Influencers Onstage At "Runway Slam"

January, 2018

Women's Running covers our Runway Slam, debuting our Spring 2018 Story Collection, including a gallery of photographs of the speakers and quotes from their pieces. To get a glimpse of our first ever Runway Slam, READ MORE

Why Oiselle Is Ditching Its Fashion Show

January, 2018

Outside features a story on why we chose a different approach instead of the typical fashion show. To find out how Sally Bergesen, Oiselle's Founder and CEO, came up with the idea of Runway Slam, and why she thought it was important to change fashion's status quo - READ MORE