SEATTLE, WA — Oiselle is thrilled to announce its partnership with Alison Mariella Désir. Alison will be joining the ranks of Lauren Fleshman and Kara Goucher in representing Oiselle at the highest level of the brand. All three will be recognized as Athlete-Advisors, and will join Oiselle’s new Advisory Group, also made up of company executives and a diverse group of business leaders to help shape the company’s strategy moving forward.

Alison is multi-talented: a founder, a doer, an activist, a connector, and an unapologetically straightforward communicator with a passion for community health.

Alison came to running organically, following a period of depression, when a Black friend and role model trained for and completed a marathon. As Alison engaged with the running community, she was frustrated by the lack of diversity; she started HarlemRun in 2013 to create a group welcoming of BIPOC runners. In January of 2017, Alison spearheaded another organization, Run4AllWomen, which raised over $150,000 for Planned Parenthood with their womxn’s relay to Washington, DC. In 2019, Alison helped womxn-led running groups around the globe connect through a new organization, the Global Womxn Run Collective, to empower and enable connections among womxn-led groups that might not have a seat at traditional tables of power.

Alison most recently has channeled her personal experiences and formal training (which includes an EdM in Counseling Psychology from Columbia University) to bring the mental benefits of running to a broader group. She created a series of events (now virtual due to COVID-19) called Meaning Thru Movement that provides education and practical steps to improving mental and physical health, especially for the BIPOC community. These robust discussions not only educate people about the realities non-white runners face, but also illuminate a more inclusive path forward that fights white supremacy and racism.

Oiselle shares Alison’s vision of making running and its benefits (mental, physical, social, and spiritual) accessible to all people.

“Alison is doing incredible work, sharing knowledge, leading people along, and helping folks understand the clear connection between exercise and mental health. We’re very proud to support her ongoing work, and also honored that she will help us build the Oiselle table in terms of our next chapter,” states Sally Bergesen, Oiselle Founder and CEO.

Alison states, “I’m honored to be joining Oiselle, particularly in this moment when people are turning to brands to understand and demand their long term commitment to equity and social change. As an athlete, this is an incredible opportunity to represent a brand that makes beautiful product that performs and, as an activist, I’m thrilled to have a seat at the table on the advisory board. I believe Oiselle is creating the blueprint for what an equitable running industry will look like and I’m excited to be part of that!”

Building Tables: a Q&A with Alison + Sally

Sally Bergesen
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Welcome Alison! So excited for you and Oiselle! Loved learning about you and the incredible work you have been up to! And congratulations on becoming a Mom!! Lovely!

— Heather O.

Welcome Alison!! This is amazing!

— Katie

I am SO proud that Oiselle has signed Alison as an athlete, activist and educator. When so many brands are talking about how they are anti-racist, few are doing the work to show that they are committed to this act and that they are committed to having their customers do the work. Alison’s work has helped me tremendously. I’m so excited to see where she takes this team! This signing is well-deserved recognition for the amazing work that Alison is doing.

— Emily

Welcome Alison! Way to go Oiselle! Proud, proud, proud!!!

— Shelby

Congratulations Oiselle – Alison inspires all that is Good for Women & Running! Looking forward to the “powder foot” socks that will lift us up!

— Marsha Worthington

So glad to see this news here! Welcome Alison!!!!

— Allie