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What if we could have the fancy lines of a corset with the let's-be-real comfort of a sports bra? If it could be done, we figured we'd have a Scorset (no boning or cinching required). And unlike a real corset, the only shortness of breath you'll have is from your run or workout. With a gentle scoop in the front, contrast stitching, and encased elastic straps, the front is elegance in motion. But the rear is a big part of the story. Wear it cross back for maximum support, or straight for a more relaxed feel. The straps are also adjustable, so you can find that just-right body length. Throw off your bustle, the Scorset is ready to sport.

- plya interlock compression (polyester / spandex)
- convertible and adjustable straps
- removable cups

Customer Reviews

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Pretty but low support

Style cute. I got the so called right size - the band is good but the cup coverage is not enough - spillage a tad on sides . Think if bigger band size it might not have enough support. . Bra would be so perfect with better cup sizing, ribbed band and adjustable back. It is definitely Light Support. Love that I could take the useless pads out.

Anne B.
Comfortable but straps come undone

Came here to say that this bra is very supportive but major bummer that the straps come undone so easily. I like that it's convertible, but don't like them coming unhooked and having to basically undress again to reconnect it. I've had it long enough that I'll keep it, but it's disappointing for the price.

Fav Oiselle bra

Super comfortable and supportive. Love the adjustable straps and I have not experienced the straps coming undone.

Sized up to perfection

I have this in a 2 and 4 (currently breastfeeding and so have sized up all Oiselle bras to a 4 for now) and now that I have the proper fit, I LOVE this bra. I love the option to switch up the straps and use it as a makeshift nursing bra by undoing the strap as needed (new mom life hack!) I find this bra to provide the support I need for running, but also look nice for pairing with non-running tops as needed. As mentioned in other reviews, I had the strap come undone in my size 2, but in sizing up I haven't had that issue at all. Well done, Oiselle!

Favorite new bra

I am pretty picky about my sports bras, so I was surprised at how much I love this new + supportive bra with thin and adjustable straps. Big fan, worth a try if you like supportive bras, but have never found one with thinner straps.

R. A.
The straps :(

This bra is so cute, so comfortable, and so frustrating. It would be perfect if not for the straps. As others have mentioned, the straps have the tendency to come undone at the most inopportune times. So far, this has happened during an event I was hosting, while I was with friends sitting outside at a local coffee shop, and while running, among a few other times around the house. I have tried adjusting the straps, crossing them, and double-checking their security before wearing them. Nothing helps. It seems to be completely random when/how they detach. I have gotten pretty good at reattaching them myself but it is awkward and obvious. If the straps could be secured, this would easily be a five-star product. Instead, I have two cute and comfy bras that I am afraid to wear in public.

Heather L.
So comfortable!

This might be the most comfortable sports bra I've ever owned. That said, it's not enough support for me as a runner. It's great for non-high impact workouts: weight lifting, cycling, etc. I'm a 34C & my girls are floppy, hence needing more support. (I bought the 6 which fit great.) For running, Oiselle's Queen Bra is great! (We won't mention the tragic loss of the J bra from that other company....)

Make more colors, please!

Kristin R.
straps also an issue for me, otherwise this would be five stars

Like a previous reviewer, the straps randomly come disconnected for me. Like yesterday in a work meeting. And also I can't wear this without someone to help me put it on because the straps sometimes slip off their hooks when I'm putting it on.

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