The Clean Sport Collective wants to raise awareness and positivity through the celebration and recognition of the clean athletes, events, industry and brands doing it the right way. Their mission is “United together for honesty, integrity and transparency in sport.



We pledge to support clean sport by sponsoring athletes who are committed to training, racing and living clean, and not sponsoring athletes who have tested positive for performance enhancing drugs. Working with individuals or teams who choose to not play by the rules steals from hard working athletes that chose to do the right thing and challenges the health and integrity of sport. We understand and appreciate our corporate responsibility and through our influence we will create positive change through promoting clean athletes and teams. We pledge to create positive change by supporting athletes who are committed to clean sport.


Go to, sign your charter pledge, donate and stand with us in unity for Clean Sport. Then, show us your pledge and tag four people. Together, we are the collective change. Use the hashtag #cleansportco, tag @cleansportco, and @oiselle too! 

Get a "Runner Against Doping" tee (seen above). Be #RAD. 


We are a brand who's passionate about the sport and committed to our community. We also make clothes for runners of all paces and places. Subscribe to stay connected to who we are, what we make, and the incredible things we do with our community.



November 01, 2016 — jbarnard

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