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It’s that time of year again. Shorter days and longer nights. The snooze button on our alarm clock is way easier to find. Together, we collectively take a big sleepy autumn yawn. But hold up! There are miles to go before we sleep. And running promises we said we would keep.


We’ve heard that a tiny little spark can ignite a mighty glowing flame. So when the clocks fall back, we challenge you to keep your motivation burning fiery bright.

Check out these tips from our team on how to channel your inner spark in the dark:

Make a goal. "I put a goal race on the map for January or February and enlist a friend to train with me.  Knowing that I've got someone counting on me to show up and woman up gets me out the door every time.” – Mary Winchester

Lock in your edge for the day. "There's something empowering about getting in a run before work…obstacles and drama at work can roll off your back because you've accomplished a lot before your coworkers even woke up." – Wendy Hetherington 

Find a date. "Even if I'm doing a different workout, I try to meet up with someone for the warm up, or for the second half, so I get out the door on time.  If you don't have a friend to meet find a virtual friend - shoot them a text as you head out the door to wish them a good workout and then check back in after.” – Mindy Morain

Prep your outfit. "I change into my running gear before I leave the office. I'm less likely to skip my run if I'm already dressed for it when I get home.” – Dodie Mercer 

Gear up. "I love buying super cool reflective gear and lights. It's double motivation: they look freaking awesome and you gotta get out there and use em' to get your money's worth.” – Jennifer Stack

Above all, stay safe! Dusk is my sweet spot running time. Right near the end of the workday, I hit my favorite loop. The sidewalk situation is non-existent in certain parts, so I make sure to wear bold, bright, reflective colors so I can be spotted as the sun goes down… the stars come out.

Some flystyle faves to keep it lit out there:










Show us how you illuminate the night. Snap a pic and add tag: #sparkinthedark 


November 03, 2016 — jbarnard

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