But they can be deceptive. At least they were for me when I first started Oiselle - and was just a wee designer in training. I still saw the body as a series of logical lines and measurements…hips, inseam, rise, waist. Check, check, check. And that somehow the sum of the angles and numbers would produce the ideal garment. And thus many of my early creations had more 90 degree angles than I care to admit. 


Today I have a newfound love of designing for the female form based on the very fact that it is completely void of right angles. Case in point: hips. I mean, I know I'm nerding out here, but can you really look at hips and not ponder how incredible they are?! The center of power, the locus of control, the defining shape of womanhood, and the cradle of life. (Don't worry bros, you have them too. As Jimmy Buffet said, "Elvis was the only man who could shake his hips and still be loved by rednecks, cops, and hippies.")


Bottom line, we design for the amazingness of your hips -- and the critical role they play in your running. Our Wing Waistband is the culmination of that. Not a right angle in sight…it dips subtly in the front and back to follow the shape of your body, rising slightly to hug the upper part of the hip bones, and mirroring that shape where it attaches to the legs to complement the curve of your thigh. The pocket (1 or 2 zip pockets depending on the style) top it off - as your hips are ALSO the best area to store any object you might run with. Our pockets are big enough for an iPhone and subtle enough to be invisible when not in use.


We hope every time you wear the Wing Waistband you feel the hug. It is design love from us to you!


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Head up, wing waistbands out! 


November 01, 2016 — jbarnard

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