We believe in team. In the power of team to collectively achieve more than we can do individually. In the momentum of team to keep going forward when individuals rest. In the goodness of team spirit to overcome individual disagreements. In the idea of team to propel us to higher motivation and more gritty performances. 

When Sally founded Oiselle, team was at the core of her inspiration. And team is still a centering force for the bird. The Volée has evolved over time, from its scrappy early days (2013 and 2014 flashbacks!) to the powerful group of women around the country (and globe) who guide our team today.  

As we begin 2019, we are very excited to continue the evolution of our team and celebrate this experiment of #runlove! What does this year have in store? 


A new Team Shop! Sally and the design team have been in their magic workshop cooking up a new team crest, singlets, crops, and other team gear. Volée will have exclusive access to this shop, starting with our January team opening! The best part? Inventory is in stock and will ship right away like regular O.com orders. 


Bras for Girls education and donation program: the Volée team has been a driving force of support for this program and the team has facilitated many giveaways. After a successful first two years, when we supplied nearly 5,000 bras and informational booklets to middle and high school girls, we are looking to ramp up even more in 2019. In addition to building year over year partnerships with athletic programs for girls, Oiselle will begin manufacturing a dedicated bra line exclusively for the Bras for Girls program. We are so appreciative of the Volée’s enthusiasm for Bras for Girls, and their material funding of this program we all highly value! 


Team meet-ups and events: 2018 brought us an abundance of amazing team experiences, from Big Birdcamp to Grandma’s Marathon, from the TenaciousTen to CIM. And 2019 is already getting packed with options: Shamrock race weekend, Boston marathon get-togethers, the TenaciousTen (of course!), USA Nationals in Des Moines at the end of July, Big Birdcamp (lots of details and registration here!), and many other team opportunities facilitated by our amazing Volée Leaders. Nothing is better than the camaraderie of run friends and the meaningful bonds that form over shared miles and cowbell-induced blisters. 


Elite Athlete Support: Volée team memberships also enable our elite athlete program, the Haute Volée. These women athletes are working to achieve at the highest level of their sport, and benefit from the material and community support of the Volée team. Over time, we’ve seen strong and enduring relationships blossom amongst the Haute Volée and Volée, and these team bonds are proof of concept for the program. In 2019 we are excited to grow the Haute Volée program from within, as we advance Volée members who have met the OTQ standard in the marathon. Full circle. Full team. 

And that’s not all! Seriously, you know how we roll over here: rapid-fire shenanigans. We are thrilled to be opening the Volée again later this month, so be sure to pre-register here so you don’t miss out. And let us know any questions by emailing volee@oiselle.com!

With love and appreciation, 

Sally, Lesko, Steph + the Nest 


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