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September 03, 2018

Lesko and Steph's Top "10" Big Birdcamp Memories



We can't believe Big Birdcamp 2018 has already come and gone! So many amazing moments! Steph and I tried to write down our favorites and we just couldn't stop at 10. Thank you all for an amazing weekend. Each of you who attended made it very special. We are so grateful! 

Lesko and Steph's Top "10" Big Birdcamp Memories


Lauren's Big Birdcamp song. We are women and we're here to be...(stomp stomp), a little more wild and a lot more free...(stomp stomp)...


The amazing floaty selection...enough said



Caroline Keating out-swimming the lifeguards in Lenape Lake (they had to switch to paddleboards to keep up)

Barefoot tennis (we can't officially recommend this, for health reasons)


Beth McAlpine working her magic to get the spandos to camp. The disco spandos left their birthplace in California on August 7th, and on Thursday, August 23rd they were still "somewhere" on a train in Pennsylvania. If you need something impossible done, contact Beth. And the spandos were so happy to meet their new owners! 


Track workouts with KaraLauren and Kendra, fireside chats with Allie. Oiselle's pros are the best! 


The swaggiest swag bag in all the land! Huge thank you to Salomon, Goodr, nuun, Picky Bars, Miir & Sufferfest beer!

The FOOD!!! The never-ending salad bar, the generous serverings, and the coffee station with unlimited cold brew.


Lesko running her longest run EVER (17 miles!) with the help of all of the support squad, and the company of Jungle Chicken, Sally, Rebecca McCown, and Jackie Gruendel. Run friends make everything possible! 


The long-ass hill! Whoa! 


The dance party! Who knew a double stage and a limbo broom are the keys to a great party? Everyone can be a star! And a huge thank you to Rebecca Trachsel (aka Trax) for her awesome playlist. We definitely took some dance-move notes. And we got to sing Jacinta "Happy Birthday"!! 


Jenn's amazing graphic design! All those Big Birdcamp signs kept us motivated on the runs and the cabin signs weren't too bad either! Go Bushtits! 


The trail running! Cat Bradley reignited our love of trail running; showing us technique and leading us on the trails. 

The Camp IHC staff. A more generous and proficient group of people have never been assembled. 

Til we all meet again, holding this weekend in our hearts! 

Steph + Lesko 

Get in Here, We Love You



Jacinta | September 4, 2018 at 8:21am

Simply the Best!!!!!

Thank you for one of the best weekends I've ever had. I will for sure be at camp next summer no matter where it is. I left with so many friends and memories to hopefully carry me until next summer.

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