Pre-register for our Volee team

Oiselle = Team

Since day one, we've believed that running and sport is more than a life choice; it's a world view. We are one team, many runners; welcoming all paces with encouragement and positivity.

Today we are thousands of members strong. Better yet, this growing family is helping support girls and women in their athletic pursuits. 

An annual $100 Volée Membership includes:
 - The Volée Kit, including a team spike bag, sticker and tattoo
 - A $40 Oiselle gift card for use in the new Volée Team shop
 - Free shipping on all domestic orders through
 - Early access to new and limited edition Oiselle product
 - A portion of all membership fees are donated to our Woman Up Fund that goes toward helping our Haute Volée athletes, Bras for Girls, and other Volée programs

From the day you join the Volée, you will have a full year's access to a team leader near you, as well as a chance to participate in team wide race meet ups and specially designed events. Our dedicated team portal will help you connect with your fellow Volée teammates locally and across the globe. You'll also receive a team newsletter once a month with updates from the Nest. 

We invite new members to join our team four times throughout the year.

Volée Team Openings:

If you are interested in joining, we invite you to pre-register. Pre-registration is simply a way for you to tell us that you're interested in being a Volée team member. Sign up, and you'll be the first to receive a link to join the team. Please note, that spots are limited so new members will be accepted on a first come first served basis.