It's no secret my first marathon last October, Marine Corps, did a number on me…and my right foot…and my right hamstring…and my left knee. [But I don’t regret anything haha!] I didn't start trying to run until early December, and I didn't have a pain-free run until Dec. 27th. As I was trying to recover, I had a desire to work on my strength in a new way. The Dozen is awesome, but I wanted to work some heavier lifting into my routine and didn't know how to go about it (I've always felt a little uncertain on my squat and deadlift form). I’d noticed local PT Ellie Somers and her informative Insta posts, so we met for a walk/run to chat about ideas. She had a lot of them! We spent some time at the gym and she set up a 4-wk base strength training program for me as I get back to running (she’s going to modify it over time as my running ramps up). I just finished the 3rdweek, and I definitely feel stronger and just generally more robust. I had quite a few noodle moments the first week, but the gains come quickly. Although this routine (the first week is below) was written just for me (and you should check with your own coach/PT/provider before you start something new), I think it is a great general approach to adding strength for runners. Plus, Ellie linked a video for each exercise…which is great because I’m the queen of nodding “yes, I get it” and then forgetting how to pick up the kettlebell when I’m in the gym. Hit me or Ellie up with questions, but feel free to add some of these to your routine! Best part: 25 mins in the gym (or at home) 3x/week is totally doable. Old bird, new tricks! 

Day 1 
Warmup: (3x through series)

  1. Bear crawl fwd/back x4/4 
  2. Spiderman stretch w/reach upx5/5 
  3. Banded lateral toe tapx10/10 

A1 BB Front squat3x8
B1 SL RDL3x6/6
B2 Push-up3x8
C1 Heavy suitcase carry3x10yds 

Day 2 
WU (3x through series)

  1. SL hip bridgex8/8 
  2. Dead bugx10/10 
  3. Bird dogx8/8 

A1 BB conventional deadlift 3x8
B1 Front plank (hardstyle) 3x25s
B2 SA lawn mower row 3x10/10
C1 Rack carry marching3x10yds/10yds 

Day 3 
WU (3x through series)

  1. Lateral plank walk5/5 
  2. Banded pull downx10 
  3. Side plank 3x30s/30s

A1 SA DB bench press 3x8/8
B1 Rear foot elevated split squat 3x8/8
B2 Half kneeling chops 3x8/8
C1 Heavy farmer’s carry 3x10yds 

In addition to adding in these gym sessions, I’ve been really focusing on easy running 2-3 times per week. Truly easy, HR not above 156 (my max is 195-ish…and yes, I need a chest strap because wrist monitors are crap), which means I run by myself more and have to focus on keeping decent form while running more slowly. And sometimes I take walk breaks. No more “intermediate fast” running for no purpose. That’s the injury train for me! Fast running is 3rdon my priority list right now, and I’ll let Coach Fleshman take care of that part. Here’s to strength and health in 2019.



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