Oiselle Team

Since day one, our mission has been the same: to create a sisterhood of support at a variety of levels from beginners to professionals, from the roads to the trails to the track. We are committed to fostering a team that challenges, supports and empowers runners of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities. Each of our stories are interwoven into one collective voice and that voice is behind every mile and every individual flight.

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    Haute Volée
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Monday, July 9th

Lucerne Athletics
Lucerne, Switzerland
Mel Lawrence - steeplechase 9:35.29

Saturday, July 14th

South Carolina Track Fest
Mt. Pleasant, SC
Alexina Wilson - 1500m 4:13.35, *PR
Erin Clark - 18:16
Rita Dory - 18:22
Sammy George - 1500m 4:30.49
Kortrijk Athletics Mtg.
Kortrijk, Belgium
Mel Lawrence - 1500m 4:13.83
Athletics World Cup
London, England
Jasmine Blocker - 4x400 relay, team champions 3:24.28

Monday, July 15th

Cork City Sports Meet
Cork, Ireland
Kendra Chambers - 2:04.49

Upcoming Competitions 

Monday, July 16th

Dart for Art
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Emily Oren - mile

Wednesday, July 18th

European Athletics Festival
Liege, Belgium 
Mel Lawrence - steeplechase

Thursday, July 19th

Morton Games 
Dublin, Ireland

Friday, July 20th

GNC Liberty Road Mile
Pittsburgh, PA

Saturday, July 21st

Beat the Heat NC road 5k champs 
Winston-Salem, NC
Summerfast 10k
Vancouver, BC Canada

Sunday, July 22nd

Run CRS Edmonton 10k
Edmonton, AB Canada