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toolbelt roga shorts

toolbelt roga shorts

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We made these shorts for the runs where you need to bring all the things. Hitting the trail for a long run? Doing your 20 miler during marathon ramp up? The Toolbelt Rogas are ready to pack it up with additional bulk.

Three open top pockets for fuel plus a back zip for keys, money and other valuables you want on lock down. Cooling side vent panels and the signature 4-way stretch of the ultra light Roga fabric make these shorts perfect road or trail running shorts for high (and hot) mileage.

- Roga Stretch Woven (polyester/spandex)
- 4-way stretch for full motion
- side mesh panels
- external waist + external rear with zipper
- machine wash + dry / best to line dry
- 4" inseam (all sizes)

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33 reviews

true to size

true to size
  • Boston
  • 29
  • 5'5"

Made for Marathons!

I have long been a fan of the regular Roga shorts, but when I picked up training for a marathon this fall, I got a pair of Toolbelt Rogas as well to carry my gels. I wore these on every long run and for the race itself and couldn't be happier with them! The pockets comfortably held five gels for the race with much easier access than I would have in my Spibelt, and the shorts themselves are so comfy--no chafing at all! Definitely will be purchasing another pair. I wear a size 4 in regular Rogas and found that the 4 in the Toolbelt was perfect.

  • pockets, light fabric, flattering style
true to size
  • Bend, OR
  • 36
  • 5’8”

My other shorts feel left out

I do laundry every 2-3 days to wear these shorts again, even with a drawer full of other great shorts. I love the onna print, the blue color blocks, the back pocket, all of it. Speed work to long run, best shorts.

  • Color, fit, pocket design, durability
  • Nothing
true to size
  • Los Angeles
  • 44
  • 5'6"


Finally a great short for long runs! I l tested these out this morning on a 20 miler. Neither the liner or the legs rode up! Actually, I didn't NOTICE these shorts at all on the run, which says a lot. I was worried they would ride up because of the inseam, but nope. I'm 5'6" and 133 lbs. The small fit perfectly. Side note, I sweat A LOT and these were soaked at the end. They were never uncomfortable and dried quickly. The black hides moisture better IMO vs lighter colors.

true to size
  • Tucson
  • 38
  • 5'8"

the best

I love these shorts. I have summer rogas and tried regular rogas but returned them because they didn't fit my body. These toolbelt rogas are the best. I have a large rear and struggle with shorts. I have tried lots of shorts but these are by far my favorite. I live in Tucson, AZ and it is plenty warm. These shorts feel like running in clouds and they are super flattering. I am 5'8" and I have a 32" waist and 45" hips. I wear a 12 which is perfect.

  • Lightweight, pockets galore, super flattering.
  • nothing.
little bit loose
  • Macon, GA
  • 37
  • 5'0

Love the pockets

This is not my first pair of toolbelt Roga shorts, but this time I sized down to a 4 (usually order sz 6) and I love the fit much better. I am full in the hips so the waistband on the Roga doesn't flatter me, but I don't mind since they feel so great on. The pockets are handy for my long run gels and such. Great pair of shorts.

  • The colors and the pockets
  • They could be a tad bit longer and come up a bit higher on the waist
true to size
  • San Francisco
  • 40
  • 5'4"

more more more

LOVE THE POCKETS! iPhone, snacks, keys etc etc

The only thing I would ask for is BRING BACK THE EMBOSSED! loved the softness of the fabric, allowed for more movement than the normal Roga fabric & LOVED the colors. .. .

runs large
  • Florida
  • 30
  • 5'7"

Runs large

I got these shorts for my marathon. I regularly am running in Rogas, and thought these would fit the same. They ended up being looser than I expected. Good for 1 or maybe 2 gels, but these bounced and slipped down with the 3-4 gels I was trying to carry. I had immediate regrets not trying them out first before the race (#fail). For longer runs when I need to carry more I'll stick to the Distance shorts or a fanny pack. These still deliver the Roga goodness (great light fabric!) but I had some major plumbers crack, even with the drawstring I've never had shorts fall down so much! I usually wear a size 6 in Rogas -- for reference I am 5'7" and 139ish lbs. I would order down if i bought these again.

  • material and cut of the legs
  • can't hold more than 1 or 2 gels without falling down
true to size
  • Chicago
  • 40
  • 5'1

Disappointing ride

Tried these out for the 1st time on a treadmill run and glad I did. The shorts kept riding up my crotch, making me have to frequently readjust. Not sure I'd try them again with an outdoor run. I wear size 8, 5'1/145 lbs. The fit and length were the only positives. I'll probably just wear these for gym workouts.

  • Fit and length
  • Kept creeping up my legs, other Oiselle shorts don't do that!
true to size
  • WI
  • 40
  • 5'8"

Lower back chafing sadness

I ordered these shorts because the Roga shorts are the only shorts I own that I love to run in. Great for the quick 3 miler or the half marathon, so comfortable and great fit. I thought the toolbelt would be an amazing add since I get tired of wearing the flip belt (which ends up way north of where it starts when I first begin running) and the arm band gets uncomfortable beyond 10 miles. The fit of the shorts are great, the addition of my phone into the toolbelt made the shorts pull down a bit and then rub on my back causing chafing. I tried to cinch the waist in a bit to avoid the rubbing but that didn't help at all. I also do not like the tie in the waistband, it's a continuous loop instead of two ends to tie together. I understand the continuous loop idea but I can't get them to tie so that I can easily untie it after the run. All in all, I was really disappointed in the shorts because the toolbelt just doesn't work for my iPhone X. Maybe a smaller phone works better?

  • Size and fit are great!
  • Toolbelt was a big disappointment
true to size
  • NJ
  • 41
  • 5’2”
  • more than 1 year(s)

Unflattering pulling in the crotch area

Please bring back the old fit. The new cut of the tool belt Rogas are too short in the front area from the waist to the crotch, causing the shorts to pull and bunch in an unflattering V shape - close to but not quite cameltoe. The shorts are still stretchy and comfortable to run in and I love the pockets for storing gels while racing. However, I never want to get caught photographed in these because they are so unflattering. I bought them in my normal size 4. They fit differently than the normal rogas and the summer rogas.

  • Stretch material, pockets
  • The look
Hi Kanchana! Thank so much for your feedback - we appreciate it!! We are sorry to hear that this style isn't working out for you, bummer! If you ever want leave design feedback to our Design Team directly, you are always welcome to let our Design Team know! Design Feedback Submissions are located on the bottom of Oiselle.com - our team loves hearing what's working and what isn't!
little bit loose
  • Oregon
  • 44
  • 5'2"
  • more than 1 year(s)

Pockets on pockets on pockets!

I am so in love with my Toolbelt Rogas! I couldn't wear non-compression shorts til recently, but I shed a few lbs and while my thighs will always be large & in charge (currently 5'2" & fairly muscular 150, the 10 is great), these have stood up against inner thigh chafe! I started running in them this summer and I fell so hard for the phone pocket. By early fall I was feeling confident up to about 6-7 mi in them, so I tried a 10 miler and they performed admirably! So when a planned 30 mi trail run was promising to be in the 70s, I decided to wear them (with emergency backup compression shorts in my hydration pack). They made it the whole way with a little anti-chafing cream! I'm just sad it's getting colder & I'll be putting them aside til spring.

  • Pocketspocketspockets! Also light & airy.
  • More colors please!
true to size
  • more than 10 month(s)

Not my favorite

I have heard such wonderful reviews about the roga shorts so I decided to try them. They fit ok but they do not stay where they should when you are running. I will wear them but not for any physical activity. And the pockets really aren't meant to hold much.

  • very lightweight
  • they don't stay where they should when you are running
little bit loose
  • Sunny Valley, OR
  • 23
  • 5' 5"

All around best running shorts I've ever owned

Since I could walk my mom had me out running! Since then I've gone through many running shorts, and these by far are the most comfortable pair ever!

For all the pockets they have they are extremely lightweight and flexible. I spend a lot of time hiking through the woods and these have withheld extremely well a few snaps from blackberry bushes but that could be expected with the fabric. The snags I did get never got worse from washing or wearing. Also when it comes to running shorts I've found that when I find my right size the built in underwear would never truly fit by beehind causing riding up and annoyance and chaffing. These fit my bee-hind perfectly making them fit so nice and the extra length on the inseam lead to no chaffing. Ran my second ever marathon in these without body glid and no chaffing! I am sort of a minamilist and now these are my only running shorts because they are so perfect and whoever I would put on a different pair they just never felt as right and comfortable.

Excellent job Oiselle!!!

  • Lightweight, flexible, roomie, inseam length, built in underwear, pockets, everything!
  • Not a dislike but ideal I like the waist just a little higher. Not ideal for running around through brush, but can't get it all!
true to size
  • Portland, OR
  • 55
  • 5'4

Well done!

I purchased these as an alternative to the Distance Shorts as they also had a phone pocket, even though the image of lots of pockets wasn't pretty. I was confused, however, when they looked just like a normal pair of Rogas, with the zippered pocket and internal pocket. I had to take them off and hunt for the other the pockets - and they *are* there - three of them, including the phone pocket, neatly hidden in the waistband. Very well done - plenty of pockets, but discreetly hidden!

I am a medium, but between sizes 6-8 and purchased up and they are loose.

  • Discreet pockets
true to size
  • Kissimmee, FL
  • 57
  • 5.6

Love, Love, Love These Shorts

My go to shorts for long runs, phone in the center back, gels on the sides, love racing with them , no weight around the waist, can run free. you know you are hitting your stride when there is no bounce with your phone LOL, bring on more colors

  • the pockets
true to size
  • Annapolis
  • 5'1"

Great Shorts, Lots of Pockets- TERRIBLE DRAWSTRING

If the drawstring on these shorts were not so uncomfortable, I would give them 5 stars. I love the cut & the big pocket in the back fits my iPhone w/the case on. But the drawstring has sharp, scratchy edges and if you tie it you have to put it outside of the shorts making bump (not a huge deal but annoying). I wish they would switch it to an infinite drawstring. Other than that, great shorts, I'm even buying a second pair.

  • POCKETS and comfort
  • scratchy, sharp, uncomfortable, ugly drawstring
true to size
  • Bozeman, MT
  • 5'6"

Best shorts

Toolbelt Rogas are my go-to short, mainly for the pockets. I have several different colors and find they fit true to size. I can fit my iPhone, a few gels, ID, and keys all at once without the the shorts falling down (with drawstring tied). Love racing in these!

  • pockets!
little bit loose
  • Wisconsin
  • 27
  • 5'7

Best pair of shorts I've ever purchased!

While all items I've bought from Oiselle have been outstanding, the Toolbelt Rogas are my new favorite. They fit close to the body, so no fabric puffing up in the rear, and the material is perfectly lightweight and breathable. I'm usually between a size 4 and a 6, so I went with a 4 and they fit very well. I may have to get another pair, because I want to wear them every day! They make me look and feel great!

  • Streamlined, lightweight, comfortable
  • Nothing!
little bit loose
  • Bronx, NY
  • 26
  • 5'6"

Amazing running shorts

I picked these up at a local running shop and absolutely love them. The 4" inseam means no chafing, and they are so light and breezy. Also so much more storage than running shorts like this usually have!

little bit loose


First off...toolbelt rogas are my favorite shorts! I wear an 8, until now. The new pair I just bought in black were too large. I held them up to my older shorts and the waist is larger. I ordered a size 6 in the snap color and they were perfect!! Oiselle has changed the waistband but I think the material is softer than before, just be aware that the newer shorts seem to run a little large. Highly recommend the snap color for anyone who loves bright colors!

  • The new snap color!
  • Nothing
runs large
  • Florida
  • 48
  • 5'4"

Size down if buying snap color

The snap color of the toolbelt Rogas is much looser than on the earlier colors. I always get a size 6, but the orange in 6 was way too big. I can lay the other shorts on top of this orange pair & it's clear how much bigger these ones are. So size down! I wish they would have changed the bulky drawstring. But it's a flattering, useful short with a lot of pockets, just mind the upward sizing creep and you'll be very happy.

  • Pockets, cut of the legs
  • Overly large waist, this particular color sized differently
true to size
  • Bend, Oregon
  • 30
  • 5'1

My new favorite shorts

I bought two pair of toolbelt Roga shorts on a whim last spring when they were on sale. After running in them once I quickly ordered another two pair. These shorts are comfy, they don't ride up, and the pockets are nice. I've done several 15-20 mile runs in these and one 22 miler and still no chafing or riding up. I followed the size chart and ordered a size 4 and they fit perfectly. I am 5'1, 125 lbs, proportional,muscular build.

  • comfortable, wide waste band, doesn't ride up, lots of pockets
  • nothing
true to size
  • Charleston, SC
  • 40
  • 5'0
  • more than 2 year(s)

New Favorites

The Distance shorts have been my favorite long run shorts for years. Alas, the Toolbelt Roga has taken over. 16 miles at race pace and no riding up, no chafing, chews security stored with no zippers to get in the way and I'm one happy runner. I even threw them in the wash as soon as I got home so they'd be clean to wear back out on a family hike this afternoon. The waistband that lays flat and quick dry material is wonderful when running in 92%+ humidity in the south.

  • Flattering fit, quick dry, smooth seams
  • Nothing
true to size
  • 45
  • 5'5"

Perfect shorts

These shorts are awesome! My running kit consists of gels, car key, iD, whistle, and dog treats. The Roga "tool belt" carries all of these items with no bouncing around or fear of things falling out of pockets. I love that I don't have to carry a handheld pouch or wear a waist pack. At 5'5", 128 lbs, the size 4 fits great, just enough coverage with no extra material. No problems with the drawstring issue mentioned by other reviewers. The waistband is so comfortable, even when loaded with gels, etc..

  • Efficient storage and a flattering fit
  • I would like them to be a teensy bit longer, but not as long as the Long Roga
runs small

Love these

I want to wear these shorts all the time. They have a great fit, very flattering, comfortable, and the quality exceeds other brands that I have purchased. Not too tight, not too loose; I put them on for a run and forget that they're there. The pockets are handy to stash keys, t.p., gels, etc. I got the midnight/fresh green color and thought the bright pocket looked awkward in the pictures, but it's actually much cuter than I was expecting. 5'6" 120, the size 4 fits nicely.

runs small

Love these

I want to wear these shorts all the time. They have a great fit, very flattering, comfortable, and the quality exceeds other brands that I have purchased. Not too tight, not too loose; I put them on for a run and forget that they're there. The pockets are handy to stash keys, t.p., gels, etc. I got the midnight/fresh green color and thought the bright pocket looked awkward in the pictures, but it's actually much cuter than I was expecting. 5'6" 120, the size 4 fits nicely.

runs small

Response to Raquel

Hi Raquel! Thank you for your feedback. We are happy to follow up with you about this if you would email: [email protected] Thanks!

little bit loose

Drawstring issue, lots of pockets

I am 5'4" 133 lbs. I wear a medium in the flyte shorts & capris. I bought a 6, and they ended up a tad too loose. Too late to send them back. The drawstring is very uncomfortable. I would like to cut it out, but I need it to keep the shorts from falling down!
The material is amazing, and the red/blue color is fun.

true to size

Great Trail Shorts!

Wore these trail running today with my iPhone 5c nice and snug in on of the waist line pockets and my car key in the zipped side one. Perfect! I wish all my rogas had these pockets. 180a44

little bit loose

Fantastic for long runs!

I wore these for a trail 50K and the extra pockets were so useful. I had them stuffed with gels and they did not bounce at all during my race. No chafing and super cute. What more can a girl ask for? I bought two pair in sizes 2 and 4. I am 5'3" and 105. The 4s are too big but I think it is too late to exchange them, so they are just sitting in my drawer unfortunately. But the 2s fit me great. I also cut out the drawstring because the ends seemed a bit sharp and I did not want them cutting into my stomach during my runs.

true to size

Drawstring is a fail, otherwise flattering, useful short

5"4 125# got the M in the old Rogas, 6 in these and they fit the same. Waist is a little loose, so you need the drawstring if you're really loading up the pockets. Don't like the drawstring. It chafes. If you tie it, you can't just yank your shorts down for potty breaks. Will cut out string and just not load up pockets so much. But very flattering short, no other complaints, love all the pockets.

true to size

Same great rogas, awesome extra storage!

Love this spin-off of the wicked roga shorts! The extra pockets are perfect for a few extra necessities; the double colour is a great addition! Old sizing I liked a large in the rogas (although medium in all other Oiselle bottoms), and with new sizing the 8 fits perfect!

true to size

Will be buying all colors!

These shorts are super flattering. The hem isn't cut as straight as the original Roga's. I am not sure how to explain this in a technical sense, but if you compare these to the original Roga's, you can see the outside inseam is cut a bit shorter. The fit of the shorts seem sexier because of this; which is a good thing!.
I tried sticking my iPhone in the middle pocket on the waist band during my run, but it fell out immediately. I wasn't' disappointed or anything; I assumed that they weren't designed to carry a phone before I bought them. I ran 11 miles in them this morning, and they felt SO lightweight. They 'stayed put' the entire run with no chafing in sight. I experimented with the pockets, placing a gel in each one for a bit during the run, and I was super impressed that the gel didn't budge a bit. Outstanding!

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