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Mac Rogas + Toolbelt Rogas = Mac Toolbelt Roga Shorts. The legs-out favorite of the Mac, plus all the pockets of the Toolbelt, and then some! With a 360 degree pocket design that combines the security and comfort of a rear zip pocket (for valuables) with the accessibility of an open-edge power mesh pocket everywhere else (for gels, lip balm, etc.) to create the all-in-one super (short) shorts—ready to run!

- Roga Stretch Woven fabric (polyester/spandex)
- Plya Compression waistband (polyester/spandex)
- interior drawcord
- built-in technical liner
- 5 pockets! 4 mesh around waistband, 1 rear zip waist pocket
- four way stretch for full motion
- machine washable
- 1.75" inseam (all sizes)

Customer Reviews

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c a falschlehner
This year's version are wayyyy too short

Background - I am a mac lover - I have every season and iteration. I love them so much I have a mac tan line. While there are definitely variations through the various generations (blousiness in particular, pockets, waistband style), the one consistent was always length - until this season. This year's mac - both toolbelt and regular, are an inch shorter in the front (not inseam, but front of the leg). This takes them from go fast, short girls dream to hoochie - they just aren't wearable unless you are comfortable running in essentially bikini bottoms. Oiselle, you seemed to have dialed in the waistband fit and the blousiness, but please go back to the length of prior generations. Until then I'll be hoarding prior generations. Photo for reference - the dots are regular macs, and the jungle print toolbelt. I tried both thinking maybe I had an off-cut pair. :(

The Absolute Best

I've truly found my perfect running shorts. Perfect length, wider leg opening for the powerful butt/thighs, pockets everywhere...I love these shorts! This season's cut is slightly smaller in the leg opening, but not enough that I need to change sizes. For reference, I am 5'4 130# and wear a size 6. Please keep making these in all the fun colors/prints!


I purchased my first pair of Toolbelt Mac Rogas in March 2021 (lemon tree print, if you're curious). I was a teeny bit concerned about the length (based on the website photos) but those concerns went out of the window when I tried them on. I LOVE them. I took them out for a long run and tucked a gel in one of the waistband pockets with no issues. The leg opening on the shorts is pretty generous and these shorts seem longer compared to previous Mac Rogas I've purchased.

I'm 5'1", about 107lbs, and purchased size 2.

Slowly transitioning all my running shorts to Mac Rogas

I'm 5'3" and ~120lbs. I have an older pair of mac rogas in a 4 so that is what I ordered. I don't like a restrictive waistband but I probably could've tried a 2. That being said, I put my phone in the mesh pocket to see how that felt and ended up not running with it there because it seemed like it would pull the shorts down. I would put chews or gels in the mesh for a long run though. I love the Mac Rogas in general though. the liner does not run up and the length is perfect. I also really love the fabric.

Ahh! I’m sized out!

I’m 5’3, 110 lbs. I’m a two and there is such a discrepancy compared to my other Macs I had to check to make sure the size was correct. Since I have no option to size down I was hoping they would grow on me but instead all the extra fabric gave me my first ever chafing issue :( My size four sister loves them and looks amazing in them!

Dr. Emily
favorite shorts

I personally like these better than my old macs. Roomy, tons of space for my legs, and no chafing (90-95 degrees, low humidity). I have really narrow hips/butt and big legs (64 inches, 115 lbs) and size 2 is perfect. The leg cut seems more generous, maybe that's why I like them more. Maybe that's why even though I run in areas where people are anti short shorts, I don't feel like they are too short?

Plus pockets. Big pocket comfortably fits iphone 8 with a case and I can take it out (e.g. for photos) and put it back in without stopping running :) Little pockets for fuel, keys, mask, etc.

My husband wants a pair

Maybe it's the squats or maybe my body is settling into its comfortable middle aged shape but my past season Mac Rogas fit just a little too snuggly. At 5' 6" 127-130 lbs I'm somewhere between a 4 and 6. Based on the reviews, I decided to take a chance on the Toolbelt variety hearing they ran just a tad larger and BOOM! the 4's are perfection. You can see from the pic that the toolbelt is about an inch longer in the back and 1/4 inch on the sides. If you are in between sizes in the normal Macs, these might work for you. The hubs is envious of the pockets and wants a pair in black.

Wanted to love these!

I have one pair of the old Mac's... the kind with the small zipper pocket on the back right. I love them, and I expected I'd love these even more.
But the fit is not the same. Sure, it's nice to carry my phone and have enough storage for keys, chapstick, etc... but the inner liner in these is awful. As soon as I started to sweat I could feel how much extra material is there. These Mac's definitely run a little larger in general, but the liner feels especially large and bunches up when I run.
They're fine for walking around in, but VERY uncomfortable on a run. Please bring back the old Mac!!