Minus zero? Okay, we got you. As with all cold weather running, it’s all about the layers, and the right ingredients in those layers.

  • Start with a technical base layer, such as Lux or Wazzie Wool™ (wool is an excellent insulator as well as natural wicker of sweat and moisture, keeping it away from your skin)
  • If skies are clear and not windy, we recommend an insulated jacket or vest, which protects your core (such as the Flyout® Jacket and Vest that include Polartec® Alpha™ insulation to protect your core, where you need it most; Flyout Compression also available for tights)
  • With precipitation, add a lightweight shell over your insulated layer
  • Accessories are extremely important in extreme cold
  • Gloves or mittens like the Super Puff Mittens, that combine Polartec® Alpha™ insulation and a lightweight shell, are ideal
  • Ear bands protect your ears from frostbite
  • For your head, technical beanies, made out of Wazzie Wool or PowerStretch are ideal, and are easy to tuck in a pocket or waistband if you get warm