What is the Volée? Oiselle fields a lot of questions on the Volée team, so we dedicated a special #AskBrenda to all things Volée! Brenda and Steph cover the bases here. Send us more questions if we left any stones unturned: email volee@oiselle.com or tweet at @oiselle #AskBrenda. Get your team on! The current opening is from August 8th through August 16th.

Q: Is the opening now just for new members?

A: If your annual membership is coming to an end in August, this is your time to renew as well! Check your email if you are wondering if it is time to renew!

Q: Can I sign up for the Volée at any time? Can I sign up for the Volée at the Oiselle store at University Village?

A: Currently we open the Volée 4 times per year, online only: January, April, August, and October. If you are interested in joining the Volée and Oiselle doesn’t currently have an opening, you can sign up to be notified on the Volée pre-registration page.

Q: Can anyone join the Volée?

A: Yes! Some runners worry the Volée is only for “super fasties”. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The Volée is for everyone. It’s a community of women who are passionate about running. Our community is very diverse, in running and life. If you like to run and are open to meeting new people, the Volée is for you! If you run, you’re a runner.

Q: Does it cost money to join?

A: Yes! The Volée is an annual team membership that costs $100 per year.

Q: Is it ok not to renew?

A: Yes! Team can come and go. Women’s lives are so rich and women go through many phases in their running life. Sometimes women take a pause after babies, major injuries, or other life events, and return to the team when they are excited to jump back in. The team is there for you whenever you want it. We are here to meet you where you are.

Q: How do I get in touch with people on the Volée?

A: Once you sign up for the the Volée, you get access to the Oiselle community platform which will connect you with your local team leaders and other local team members.

Q: What is included with the $100 team membership?

A: Awesome perks! In addition to being connected to Volée team through the community platform, you receive:

- free US domestic shipping on oiselle.com

- $40 Oiselle gift code for use in the Oiselle team shop (the singlet is $40, so if you choose to apply your credit to the singlet, your singlet is free).

- access to the Oiselle team shop which has new fresh team gear throughout the year

- a team spike bag and welcome packet from our Founder and Chief Bird, Sally!

Q: What else does team membership support?

A: The Volée since the beginning has been about community. A portion of each Volée membership goes to Oiselle’s Woman Up Fund, which helps support the Haute Volée(emerging elites) and also funds Oiselle’s Bras for Girls program which so far has donated over 6,100 bras to middle school girls in need.

Q: Do I have to always wear Oiselle to be in the Volée?

A: No! In fact you don’t have to wear any Oiselle! You can run in whatever your heart desires. (But you may find yourself sucked in by the sweet gear that comes out of the design team's workshop!)

Q: What are other things about the Volée I should know?

A: One of the most common highlights called out by Volée members is that feeling when you show up to a race knowing no one, but you find other runners in Volée singlets - and by the time you go home you’ve made new run friends. Also, the Volée has saved many a traveling runner by providing run routes and/or a run buddy in an unfamiliar location.

Q: Am I guaranteed a certain experience through the Volée?

A: Like anything else in life, you’ll get out what you put in. The Volée is all about creating community and connection. And this community of women is a powerful and welcoming - it’s a great way to make true friends as an adult.

Alisoune Lee
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This Q&A says it’s $100 per year, however when I pre-reg’ed I noticed it says $120 a year. Which is correct? I would LOVE to be a part of this but times are tight so I am working out some sort of budget for myself. Thank you!

— Nicole Auryn