The perfect storm. The perfect athlete-feminist-creative-vision storm. That's what happened last month when Jess Barnard brought the feminist #flystyle party to LA. The new designs were on point and ready to roll...


In her own words: "My name is Sara Khalid - a young boundless woman from Baghdad, Iraq. My move to America in 2006 was the moment I attained the freedom to be whoever I want. Growing up, I always had an eye for expression. Any chance I could get to express myself boldly - I would take. From coloring my hair green in middle school, to bold outfits, I always felt the need to show my inner creative on the outside. After shifting away from the green hair and outlandish outfits, a new curiosity grew inside me that raised the question: “what other ways can I show my perspective?” A few months later, I found myself with just $300 and a camera in my hand. From the second I picked up that camera, I felt completely in my element. I remember looking at one of the first photos I took and I saying to myself, “ damn, I am good at this!”.

Since that day in 2017, I have been a part of the most incredible projects and have had the most amazing experiences. When in search of new brands to work with, I always find myself captivated by companies that lead with WOMEN on the front lines, which is the case here with Oiselle. I discovered Oiselle while scrolling through Instagram, I took a peek at their profile and was instantly captured. I knew they were a brand I wanted to be a part of. I wanted to be a part of telling their story. A quick DM and follow up email turned into an epic day in Los Angeles shooting the Women's Symbol concept. Working with the Oiselle team was such an uplifting experience and I would do it all again 100 times over!"

Sara might be young, but her client list is long, working with a wide range of up and coming hot brands and athletes. Check out her SITE.


Lauren Fleshman, Mel Lawrence, Allie Kieffer, Rebecca Mehra, Malaina Payton, and Rachel Davis. Each one her own story. Each one a part of the bigger picture of women's sports today. As everyone settled in, there was a familiar rapport of support. "Try this angle..." "Reach here..." "Wow that rocks..." And Sara kept working her magic, getting the shots, the views, the moment of vulnerability, the steely resolve, the levity, and the symbols. The symbol of what unites us.


An ode to strength. A call to connection. It's the idea of individual and team, and the need for both.

The Bird Hug Reversible Bra and Bird Hug Reversible Tights are the ultimate vehicle for some woman-up power: equally soft and sporty. Reversibility gives you two times the fun, so you can wear the Women's Symbol Print loud and proud, or keep it close to the vest, like a secret super power.

From there, we moved onto the Women Symbol Print on Tee-Lux. Black and White, Sand and Blaze, and oh hey, Crimson and Gold (solid gold woman vibes on point). And because it's Tee-Lux, you know it's ultra soft and ultra colorfast and easy to care for.

Women. Womxn. Sisters. Friends. Teammates. Allies. These styles are for you... because there's never a bad time to come together and wear our feminism on our sleeves. In fact, we need it more than ever. It's a sign of the times. XOXO

August 06, 2019 — Alisoune Lee

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