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We would like to introduce September's new Oiselle racing team members! This is an amazing group of talented and strong women who are excited to represent Oiselle as they train and race toward their personal goals.

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Kara Millhouse

Kara is living and training in College State, Pennsylvania under coach Beth Sullivan. She is beginning her first year of professional running... Meet Kara.


Heather Cleary

Heather owns Morgantown Running Co. with her husband, Sean Cleary. She is racing Hamilton Half Marathon this weekend in Ontario, Canada...Meet Heather.


Jocelyn Bonneau

Jocelyn loves pretty much every sport there is, but after training for her first marathon in 2010, Jocelyn found that her true love is running! Her family and friends use one word to describe her best: enthusiastic...Meet Jocelyn.


Allie Bigelow

Allie has been running for more than 20 years; you can read about the milestones of her running experiences in her June 20, 2012 blog post...Meet Allie.


Caryn Heffernan

Caryn inspires young runners daily as the cross country/track coach at Newport High School in Bellevue, Washington...Meet Caryn.


Kristen Olaf

Kristen and her husband share their love of running together; they believe - "you can run fast alone, but run far together." They love meeting up for group runs from their local running store in Alpine, California...Meet Kristen


Janell Gotfredson

Janell started running in the first grade as a way to spend time with her dad. She found a new love for running after having her son in 2011...Meet Janell.


Shannon Botten

Shannon started a running and walking group in McMinnville, Oregon called the Mac Town Striders to share her passion of fitness with others...Meet Shannon.


Sarah Boone

Sarah started as a college softball player and began sharing her love of running with her boyfriend at the time, now her husband. She is a Sister in Sport - Believe I Am blogger...Meet Sarah.


Ashley Crossman

Ashley has a passion for running and for helping others. Because of this she started her own company, She Runs Strong, where she coaches woman of all Ashley.


Holly Batchelder

Holly combines her love for fashion with her love for running in her creative and unique blog: Holly.


Be looking for October's group of new team members' soon:

Lindsey Finnegan - Florida, Bobbie Maker - Paris, Katie McFarland - Missouri, Lisa Janssen - Nebraska, Abby Fennessy - New York, Stephanie Jimenez - New York,Stephanie Viloria - New York, Taryn Hand - Oregon, Nicole Hart - Pennsylvania, Cynthia Fowler - Utah, and Sarah Chan - Washington.


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