Sarah Mac

Yesterday you may have seen the New York Times article, "In Shape, But Out of Focus", a hilarious profile of race day photos and what a blow to the ego they can be. You feel so fast, fierce and fearless ... then the photographic proof says otherwise. There were are, snot faced, with your shorts bunched, both feet on the ground with an expression on your face you weren't even sure you were physically capable of making.


Elizabeth Weil asked Sally if she had any advice what to avoid when the cameras aim at you on race day. AND she asked if might know anyone with any horrific race day yes. Me. This picture from the Love 'Em or Leave 'Em Dash was so SHOCKINGLY bad that I immediately deleted it called everyone in the office over to see it. What can I say, self depricating humor is my thing. (I won't lie I considered paying the photographer every penny in my bank account to destroy all existing copies of it even while I laughed until I cried. Or maybe I was just crying.)

Annnnyway when the NYTimes needed an example of the UGLY, horrific pictures that can happen on race day. I knew I had a winner. So yesterday there was my 'screaming Beaker muppet face' in print for the world to see.



So what does this have to do with Fast Friday? Well you might remember our PainFest album from over a year ago. We're bringing it back. It's #PainFest #FastFriday. Just share your most horrifying, gutsy, grimacing race day photo on Twitter, Instagram, or our Facebook page with the hashtag: #PainFest. It can be a link to the site (watermarks and all), a screenshot, or maybe you own it. (Just be sure to @oiselle on Twitter and Instagram.) We will giveaway a race day kit to two lucky PainFest winners (spike bag, armwarmers, tee, shorts, lip gloss), because even if you're in pain your outfit shouldn't be.

Contest Ends Sunday at Midnight. We'll announce the winners later on Monday (11/5).

And if you're shy, all I can say is look above. If I can share that beauty, you can do it. Own your pain!