Sarah Mac

I'm so excited! I have a namesake Oiselle piece! The Mac Jacket, as in @oiselle_mac, Sarah Mac, Sarah MacKay...Mac! But I'm not the first to have such an honor. Since the second season on the market, Oiselle has always named a piece or two after important people and places in the Oiselle world.

Let's take a look at some of these name origins:

Lori Short

Lori was Oiselle’s first rep. She joined the team when Sally was still running Oiselle our of her house. Lori saw the first season of Oiselle (which consisted of the Marseilles Split Leg Short) laid out on Sally’s dining room table.  She says she signed on not only because she loved the shorts, but because she immediately believed in Sally’s mission.


Iris Sport Top, Isabel Shimmel, Isabel Short

Sally has two daughters, Iris and Isabel. I’ll let you do the math on that one…

Elizabeth Top

Named after the two Elizabeths: Sally’s long time running friends. Both of whom I consider friends too, after many a Sunday long run.

Bird Woman Top

We don’t know anyone named Bird Woman, however that tee featured the face of long-time Oiselle model, Morgan.

Boise Bra

A tribute to our first elite runners, many of who live in Boise. And I would imagine specifically for the fast, fabulous Andrija Barker-McCurry, Oiselle’s first sponsored runner.

Ravenna Tank

We run along Ravenna almost every day. It’s part of our 5.5 mile and 8 mile loop, and track warmup…like I said, almost every day.

Green Lake Hoodie

Oiselle HQ is a stone’s throw from the Green Lake running trail. Literally. In Seattle, Green Lake is the running loop. People will drive from all over to run around Green Lake. A real see and be seen loop in the summer. Plus every quarter mile is marked so it’s great for a workout off the track.


Burke Jacket + Gilman Vest

The Burke Gilman is another go-to running trail in Seattle. Flat and paved, this trail connects much of Seattle and packed with runners (and cyclists) year-round.


Roga Short in Stirling

No, Stirling wasn’t a typo it was named for Washington state running prodigy Brigid Stirling who went on to run for UC Irvine and was named All American in 1989.


Lesley Knicker, Lesley Tight

Named after Oiselle designer, Lesley, who worked closely with the brand in its early years.

Lesko Bra

The Lesko Bra arrives this spring, named after one-of-a-kind friend: Sarah Lesko.



This top is named after our good friend Miss Rundelicious Twinkle Toes. Nope.