Hey Oiselle-ees! (Think “guyeezz” from Rock of Ages)….The UW Invite is coming up! Buckle your seatbelts. It’s gonna be a hot meet and we are excited to welcome 7 Haute Volée racers to the awesome Dempsey Track Feb 1st, to kick off the indoor season and a great year of running.


The Dempsey is renowned for being a fast indoor track. At 307meters, the turns are gentler than the tracks back east. And fans, coaches, and athletes are all on the infield of the track, making spectating somewhat challenging but raucous and fun. Because the track is an “off” distance, runners can qualify for NCAA’s and USATF Indoor Nationals, but not for the Indoor World Championships.

OK, so who’s in the meet? And when can we watch them?

Check out the complete schedule for a list of times and events.

We hear rumors that the women’s 5K Friday at 5:40pm is gonna be hot! Check back to see start lists when they are released.

Saturday is the Oiselle money day. The Invite section is packed tight from 3pm-5pm, making for great viewing. Flotrack will broadcasting the meet, but we recommend the in-person experience (with extra bonus points for anyone who can post a selfie with the Flotrack interview cam!).

First up:
Women’s Mile 3:15pm (USA Indoor quali: 4:46.6): None other than Fleshmom ready to rip the speed bandaid off! Lauren has put in a fantastic 7 months of training after popping out Jude, concentrating on strength and power. You know you can’t wait to see her abs in action.


Women’s 3K 4:35pm (USA Indoor quali 9:27.0): Stacked, stacked, stacked. We’ve got Kate Grace jumping in for rabbit duties (remember her 8:55 debut at this meet last year?). She’ll be pacing NJNY’er teammates Amanda Winslow and Lauren Penney, as well as Little-winger Christine Babcock. Look for fellow LW’er Mel Lawrence in the 3K as well, with Betsy Flood fresh from her Aussie experience either rabbiting for Mel or jumping in the mile with Lauren.

We know all of these ladies have been training #femininefierce with an extra helping of fierce. We can’t wait to watch our birds fly and hope to see you there! Because, you know, Don’t Go Pro Without a Posse.


Atsuko Tamara