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You just ran. Your stomach is growling. The shower is calling.

We get it: Sometimes, things take priority over stretching (runger, anyone?). It’s at those times that it’s good to remind yourself that, even if you’re low on motivation or time, anything is better than nothing. And, there is a secret weapon for just these moments: the wall! You can always find a wall somewhere between your last stride and that Picky Bar or hot shower, which takes the effort out of re-lengthening muscles, and leaves pretty much no excuse not to hit reset on stiff hips, hammies, and shoulders. Plus, the following sequence only takes 5 minutes.

So, get your booty to the wall (literally) and stretch it out! Hold each pose for 5+ deep breaths.

Shower (consider this your real shower pre-game)
1. Face the wall and put your hands onto the wall about an arm’s length above your shoulders, with your fingers pointing toward the ceiling.
2. Step your feet a few feet back from the wall and fold forward, keeping your hands where they are.
3. Keep your knees slightly bent.
4. Lift your ribs together and look at the place where the wall and floor meet.


Hammy Time
1. Turn around and step a foot or two away from the wall.
2. Keeping your knees bent and feet about hip’s width apart, fold forward and walk your hands down your legs.
3. Lean your butt back into the wall — if it feels hard or like you can’t lean back, bring your feet a bit further away from the wall.
4. Rest your hands on your shins or the floor.
5. After holding there for 5+ deep breaths, cross your right leg over your left and stay for 5 more breaths before switching sides.
6. Keep both knees bent slightly, and both feet flexed.
7. Keep leaning back into the wall.


Figure 4
1. Lie on your back and put your feet flat on the wall so that your knees are bent at about a 90-degree angle — if your back feels uncomfortable, move a bit further from the wall.
2. Cross your right ankle over your left knee, keeping the foot flexed — if that feels too hard, slide your left foot higher up on the wall.
3. Make sure both sides of your waist are even — if not, back up from the wall.
4. Add a little rock side to side. It’s small. Notice how the stretch changes as you change the angles.
5. Find a spot where there’s a lot of sensation but it’s not a struggle, and pause there.


Got a few more minutes? Get those Legs Up the Wall!

Atsuko Tamara