Summer is for play, and who better to inspire us than Lauren Fleshman on what to wear to have fun, and play hard! Lauren - a lover of running and play since childhood - has taken this joy of body movement, pushing yourself, exploring the great outdoors, into a world beyond the track. Let’s see how she pushes her favorite Oiselle styles to help make the most of her summer fun! Road, trail, bike or swim - we’ve got you!


Mountain Biking

Lauren: Gah! I’m so amped on summer this year! Historically I’ve been a Fall gal, with its new school year + cross country season fresh start vibes, but with all the changes in my life I have found myself aching for summer break like a high school senior. I’ve grown! I’ve changed! It’s been really hard! Give me some play, dammit!

Last weekend, the South Fork Trail opened up, the first big indication of seasonal snow melt exposing more and more of my favorite mountain bike trails to play on for the summer. Every week, more trails will open at higher and higher elevations all the way through September, and in my 9th season of riding, I’ve gotten used to the rhythm of this slow-release joyride. I’m an experienced rider now, tackling black Diamond trails with only occasional freak outs, and people are often surprised to see that Oiselle gear continues to deliver through every rock garden, gnarly climb, and flowy descent. A running brand! Imagine!

These photos from a recent ride show my go-to’s for gear. The Benjamina Short Sleeve in Juniper is one of five Benjaminas I rotate through. I prefer the short sleeve over the tank for rides where I might brush against a rock or tree with my shoulder, but all styles deliver light-as-air breathability alongside style. Button up shirts are popular on the trails, and I was delighted to find I had many already to choose from, shirts I have also worn to book events, bars, and a medical conference! Layer that over the all star Hi Twenty Bra for support, and add a Sun Gaiter for dust protection when behind someone or a good sweat wipe (in the Oregon Wilderness print of course) and I’m set up top. Pocket Jogger Shorts in mid-length are my most common choice for bottoms, because I can stash my phone and keys as well as snacks (gummy candy and Picky Bars, always). For longer rides I pop some chamois undies on underneath, but I don’t bother for 90 minute rides or less. And before your eyebrows get stuck up there, my bike has great shocks. Road riding is a different animal.



Trail Running

Trail running was my first love at 13 and got me transferred into the sport I shaped my life around, (an oval shape to be specific). Returning to the trails as an adult has been a reclaiming of my youth and my love of running in ways, which is very healing. All the trails I can bike on can also be run on but I tend to be a wimp on hills without my wheels beneath me, choosing easy rollers near town or meandering single track through the woods most of the time. Maybe one day I’ll tackle the epic climbs but for now I want my running to involve less suffering and more shit-eating-grins. On a recent run in the Badlands I chose Mac Toolbelt Rogas to hold my snacks and sunscreen stick and keys and seven other things, (the Black Night Sky is my current favorite print). The Flyout Bra in Black was the base for a Flyout Trail Tank in Rain Lily/Rose, both of which have a design that plays nicely with a hydration vest, leaving no skin exposed to the pack for potential chafing, and all friction areas buffered with sweat wicking material.



Road Running

When I move to the roads for something quicker paced, the Flyout Bra without a top was just right for the job, and the Mac Roga Shorts were so light they were barely noticeable on my body. When I finished, I chose the Striped Half Zip in Redwood/Empire to ward off the chills from the evening temperature drop and the sweaty drive back home, and my trusty Sport Sandals to let my feet breathe. My whole body sighed with relief as I blasted a Fleetwood Mac radio station down the highway, a good workout behind me and the satisfaction of putting some play in my day.

Whatever your summer plans, I hope you give yourself some time for play. If you’re thinking “but I’m lucky to have enough time to get a workout in now and then! How am I going to make time for play?” My response is they can be one and the same. You just have to let go of the measurables a little bit and focus on the movement and how it makes you feel. Like kids do. Try something new. Let your body take you somewhere new, or somewhere familiar as a new version of yourself. There’s so much power in your body, and there’s joy within all kinds of movement waiting for us to turn our attention to it. Play with me this summer? You can do it from wherever you are. What will you do?



Summer’s a great time to explore multi-sport to keep your run-legs fresh and spunky. Get out there and try something new, or reclaim a childhood sport or activity you enjoyed. Hiking, biking, swimming or making s’mores around the firepit, share your summer fun plans and what you wore. Maybe you’ll have discovered a new use that might inspire someone to do the same!

Photo credit // Mighty Creature Company // @mightycreatureco

Lauren Fleshman
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