For all those who live in the colder climes, these are the super gloves for every adverse condition. The fingers and hands are made of Polartec® PowerStretch, which means they're warm and fleecy. Then we added a weather resistant shell panel that can be wrapped around the fingers, for when you need to keep wind, rain, and cold at bay. When not in use, these panels stuff into the cuff. Reflective details top it all off, for any kind of weather, bad or otherwise.

- polyester shell
- Polartec® PowerStretch lining
- wind and water resistance
- 2-in-1 design, glove converting to a mitten
- reflective details for added safety
- soft touch thumb
- wrist pocket to tuck away hood

Customer Reviews

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Warm but flaky

These keep my hands warm and I like that they clip together! I can even tuck my thumb in to keep my hands even warmer. However, the reflective decal started to crack after within the first week after gentle wears. That is disappointing since the reflective detail is so important for wintry dark runs.
Otherwise, good glove/mitten combo

Nice gloves, but reflective bird cracked off after 2 wears.

These are great gloves for cold weather runs >30 degrees. While I'm still warming up, I can even tuck my thumb into the windproof pouch part so it's less exposed. I love how the cover can tuck away in wrist, and I love the soft nose-wipe thumb. I followed the size chart and the fit was spot-on. My only complaint is that after just TWO gentle wears, the reflective bird logo is cracked all over the place and flaking off. So it looks crummy, as though I've had the gloves for years, even though they are new. Plus, I've lost that reflective feature for my night runs. I'm quite surprised by that quality control flaw.

Alaskan approved

I took a chance buying these instead of the superpuffs, but man, I'm so impressed. They're fairly thin/low profile, so I was a little skeptical upon receiving them that they'd be effective: but MAN are these great at retaining heat! I've taken them out on multiple runs at around 10-15*F with variable wind, and I've ended up tucking the mitten part away around 10 minutes into the run because my hands were plenty warm. I haven't found their low temperature threshold yet. The soft nose wipe part is excellent, and the glove fingertips do work just fine with my phone as promised. It's great to have easy access to warm and nimble fingers when needed, instead of pulling them out of my other huge mittens! The only negative of these has been that as one other reviewer commented, the reflective bird logos do appear to scratch or crack fairly easily. A pretty small ding for a pair of really great gloves! Still well worth the money.

Poor workmanship

I received these gloves for Christmas last year. They are SO soft, keep my hands warm on cold, windy runs. But the quality of construction is terrible! When I opened them on Christmas, there was already a hole along one seam. A bummer, but I was able to stitch it up. Well, a different hole opened up on a pinkie seam after a couple of runs, so I fixed that one, too. Fast forward to the other day, the first time I've worn them this year, and I noticed that a seam is completely ripping out on the side of the hand -- even more holes! Seriously!? My hands are very small, and the gloves are slightly large on me, so I know that's not the cause of this. Very disappointed, and I am leery of buying any more Oiselle products after this experience. I can fix it yet again, but I shouldn't have to.

We appreciate your feedback on our Bad Weather Gloves! Our customer care team will reach out to address your concerns and try to make this right for you, and we will share your thoughts with our Design Team.

amazing idea, but falls short

I was really excited about these gloves - the concept is something I've often pondered on runs when my fingers get cold but the palm of my hand is toasty warm. I received the gloves as a birthday gift and have had them out for a few runs already.
Pluses: true to size, soft fleecy nose-wipe, and love the reflective logo. Great concept! They have been warm enough, maybe even too warm - I got the black and here in sunny Colorado they hold the heat very well.
Minuses: the reflective logo is already cracked and peeling - my birthday was 11/11, so I haven't had them out that much. The over-mitt is about an inch longer than my fingers are, making zipping a jacket, clipping a dog leash, etc impossible with the mitten part in place. I have small hands, but not tiny. I'd also prefer if there was even a little grippy-ness to the palm and fingertips. I find myself dropping stuff because the fleece is so smooth. I had thought these would be good gloves for nordic skiing, but without some grip I won't even try.

Overall they're pretty nice, but I think some improvements could be made.


i had high hopes for these since I have two pairs of Oiselle gloves from a few years ago that are fantastic.
my hands froze in these, and afterward i began sweating and the glove stayed wet (and cold) the entire run. not worth the price.

Amy C.
Best gloves I've owned

Living in the midwest and running outside in sub zero temperatures, I have searched for years for good gloves. No matter what gloves I had or how many pairs I wore, my hands were always frozen at some point during my run. I wore these gloves with a real feel temperature of -10 F and my hands were warm the entire run. I never write reviews and had to share how amazing these are!

Raynaud's best friend

These are the perfect gloves. My fingers start to numb around 60F, and I've worn these shirtless in 50F all the way down to freezing. Under about 30, you might want something warmer.

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