Bad Weather Gloves

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For all those who live in the colder climes, these are the super gloves for every adverse condition. The fingers and hands are made of Polartec® PowerStretch, which means they're warm and fleecy. Then we added a weather resistant shell panel that can be wrapped around the fingers, for when you need to keep wind, rain, and cold at bay. When not in use, these panels stuff into the cuff. Reflective details top it all off, for any kind of weather, bad or otherwise.


• Wind and water resistance
• 2-in-1 design, glove converting to a mitten
• Reflective details for added safety
• Soft touch thumb
• Wrist pocket to tuck away hood


• Polyester shell
• Polartec® PowerStretch lining

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Great design but flawed

I bought a pair of these last year. Absolutely loved them but lost them. I replaced them last week and while the design is the same—light warmth from the gloves and a brilliant windbreaker-style mitten cover—the cut of the gloves is awful. The fingers are extremely tight and uncomfortable. I have long thin fingers and these are so tight they are uncomfortable after 15 minutes of walking my dog. A long run is not in their future.

Might need to size up

I'm a huge fan of the older Power On gloves and mittens (now called Power Move, I think they're basically the same?) and the Lux gloves. My hands tend to go straight from frozen to sweaty and I find myself spending my runs taking my gloves off and putting them back on, especially on these in-between weather days when gloves are a little too cold and mittens a little too warm. Also for rain protection (PNW ftw).

Got the S/M, same as all my other Oiselle gloves. They fit a little tight in the fingers, but they work (I do have long fingers and my hands aren't that small, but the fabric is obviously less stretchy than Lux). However, the shell is too small. It's hard to put on and off, and squashes my little finger against my ring finger. I will probably need to size up.

Other than that, they're exactly what I was hoping for. The shell keeps my hands warm when I warmup or cooldown, and stacks easily in the wrist pocket during the run. It also doesn't have the reflective bird anymore that other people commented on. The grippy birdies on the palm are great.

Warm but flaky

These keep my hands warm and I like that they clip together! I can even tuck my thumb in to keep my hands even warmer. However, the reflective decal started to crack after within the first week after gentle wears. That is disappointing since the reflective detail is so important for wintry dark runs.
Otherwise, good glove/mitten combo

Nice gloves, but reflective bird cracked off after 2 wears.

These are great gloves for cold weather runs >30 degrees. While I'm still warming up, I can even tuck my thumb into the windproof pouch part so it's less exposed. I love how the cover can tuck away in wrist, and I love the soft nose-wipe thumb. I followed the size chart and the fit was spot-on. My only complaint is that after just TWO gentle wears, the reflective bird logo is cracked all over the place and flaking off. So it looks crummy, as though I've had the gloves for years, even though they are new. Plus, I've lost that reflective feature for my night runs. I'm quite surprised by that quality control flaw.